The Current Users of Electronic Cigarettes Worldwide

Electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes as they are called in the present times, are not only good for the health of people but they are also rather safe in comparison with regular cigarettes. This goes out specifically for smokers, mostly the ones who are excessively addicted to the act. According to different surveys conducted worldwide, the amount of traditional smokers tends to increase through every passing day. However, ever since the e cigarettes have been created, a significant decline in both the sale and the popularity of traditional cigarettes has been seen in various countries of the world, where previously the demand for traditional cigs was exceptionally high and undisputable. This is because of the fact that more people have become health-conscious and can be seen looking for different ways through which they can improve their health in the long run.

Teenagers Group

E cigarettes are being smoked by people of various groups everywhere in the world. This includes the teenage, adult and aged people groups which are always present. In the US, surveys have revealed that more than 40% of the smoking population is fully aware of e cigs and the wide range of benefits they have to offer in both the short and the long run. Moreover, the surveys go on to shed light on the fact that around 25% have already tried them as soon as they were educated on the topic. E cigarettes are known for their health benefits since they strongly allow smokers to avoid nicotine; enabling them to quit smoking in the long run.

Adults Group

According to the latest statistics within the US and Canada, a massive number of non-smokers have also tried out the e cigarettes due to curiosity and many other reasons. One of the most prominent reasons includes the fact that people who had always wanted to smoke were given a better alternative which is really not damaging or addictive like traditional smoking. The amount of non-smoking population that has tried out the e cigs has reported to be around 8% in total. For the electronic industry, this is a huge achievement that has only taken place within a few years after these glorious cigarettes were created for the ultimate convenience of smokers from all over the world.

Aged Group

The last age group, which consists of the aged people, does not cover as big a part as the adults or teenagers but it is significant enough. Reports have revealed that around 10% from 35% of the old smoking population has tried the e cigs and many have also shifted to them for the betterment of their health. This shows that the e cigarettes have managed to leave a strong impact on not only the adults and teenagers, but also the old population which is the most hard to target. These surveys have been conducted in order to record the exact number of people who are using the electronic cigarettes in the United States as well as Canada. More and more users are being recorded on a daily basis and it will not be long when the e cig industry takes over the traditional cigarettes industry for good.


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