Deciding on the best E-Liquid

One is best able to enjoy an e liquid when they find a flavor that they like and one which has a nicotine level that satisfies one’s individual cravings. With there being over a thousand different types of flavors available, buying the perfect e liquid is easier when one narrows the selection down to the highest quality vendors only. The unlimited flavor combinations as well as the different levels of nicotine are enjoyed immensely by vapors.

An e cigarette draws on a cartridge that is filled with nicotine liquid. This e juice or e liquid also can be flavored so as to suit any kind of mood or taste. The unlimited flavor combinations as well as the different levels of nicotine are quite enjoyed by the vapors. The levels of nicotine vary from between 0mg to about 54 mg. While light smokers enjoy low strengths, heavy smokers take pleasure in a higher number.

E liquids that are used in an e cigarette are available in varying nicotine concentrations. This is because every e cigarette user has his or her individual needs and tastes. As e cigarette users are given the option of lowering their nicotine dose, unlike tobacco cigarettes, so this makes this an important feature. Most users also choose to inhale a liquid that is nicotine free so that they may just satisfy their smoking habit.  Getting to 0mg nicotine is the goal of many users though this goal is achieved at a slow pace so as to diminish the cigarette craving of smokers.

When starting off, one should use a higher strength like 24mg and see if they like or are satisfied by the taste. From there, one can then start slowly going down to a lower level, and then eventually to 0mg. The actual level of concentration is usually mentioned on the bottle of the juice. The levels of the doses are not standardized so levels may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The juice of an e cigarette varies in flavors that range from tobacco to cigar flavor, and also from sweet to sugary. Some of these are made to stimulate traditional cigarettes and so are available in flavors like menthol and regular tobacco. Other flavors include flavors like coffee, chocolate, vanilla, coconut as well as strawberry.  Some of these e liquids also come in exotic flavors like strawberry daiquiri and Boston cream pie. One should start off with a flavor that they think would satisfy their taste buds.  This could be a flavor that they smoked conventional cigarettes of. This makes it easy for a user to transition to electronic cigarettes as the taste they would be inhaling would not change in any case. So flavors can make a difference.

Most people also like to combine various tobacco flavors together while some combine those of different fruits such as apple with banana. However, at the end of the day, the choice always varies from person to person, according to their individual likes as well as preferences.


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