Device Components of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes that are commonly known as e Cigarettes, have become popular among smokers because of the technology that created them. They are alternatives to traditional cigarettes and tobacco and they are a lot safer to use. They are considered safer than traditional cigarettes because the liquid inside of them is turned to vapor and that’s what the person using it will be inhaling into his or her body. Moreover, e-cigarettes do not produce first hand smoke as well as second hand smoke, so it does not harm the environment and can be used anywhere.
Despite of the fact how popular they are, fewer people know what the components of e-cigarettes are. An electronic cigarette is composed of four parts: the inhaler, the atomizer, the cartridge, and the battery. The inhaler is the most used and important part of an electronic cigarette. In the regular cigarettes, it is what they call the filter.
The second is the atomizer. It is the component that heats up the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge and turns them into vapor. Over time, atomizer’s filament may burn out quicker than any other component of the e cigarette. This is so because it has to heat the liquid again and again. It usually needs replacement every three months or depending on the frequency it is being used. One must replace them when needed because otherwise the entire apparatus may get faulted. Atomizer is also sometimes called as cartomizer when both atomizer and the cartridge are created as one piece.
The cartridge, which is connected to the atomizer, is where the liquid nicotine is placed. It is a removable part of e-cigarettes and this is where liquid nicotine is refilled when the apparatus runs out of it. There are some types of cartridge where they only inject the liquid nicotine into it without removing it. Cartridge is also the part of e-cigarettes where it comes in different flavors: mint flavors, candy flavors, rum flavors, even gourmet flavors, and a lot more. When people want to change the flavor of their e-cigarettes, all they need to change is the cartridge then purchase a new flavored cartridge of their choice.
The last component of e-cigarettes, and definitely not the least, is the battery. Everything else in this type of cigarette won’t function without the battery because it’s the only power source of e-cigarettes. Most of the batteries for e-cigarettes are rechargeable through AC outlet, USB port, or even in the car. And they can also last long enough to be used for a longer period of time. There are also batteries that contains sensor wherein when the smoker inhales the content of the cigarette, the battery automatically turns on and provides power to the atomizer so that the liquid is burnt and turned into vapor. These types of electronic cigarette are those that do not contain any on and off switch.
Knowing all these four components of electronic cigarettes, people will come to understand the wonders of it and how technology have created a device that could help people stop smoking and also save the environment from the pollution of smokes in traditional cigarettes.

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