Different Strengths of Liquid Nicotine for Beginners of Electronic Cigarettes

As the times have changed, people have switched to the electronic cigarettes which are the modern day lifesaving invention. It enables individuals to quit smoking after some months of the first use. Studies have revealed that these cigarettes are indeed a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking and statistics greatly show that almost over 1 billion people will be using the electronic cigarettes by the year 2013. Due to the immense popularity, many people have switched to smoking these cigarettes in order to gain good health. These cigarettes come with liquid nicotine present in them which arrives in different strengths for almost all kinds of users.
When smokers switch from tobacco cigarettes to the electronic ones, they are often clueless and curious about which strength of the liquid nicotine they must take up in order to have a good experience overall. Most of the liquid nicotine arrives in various strengths. These generally range from high, medium, low and eventually zero. However, various companies have different strengths for their cigarettes and smokers are recommended to check the strength of the nicotine in milligrams. This will enable them to gain an exact insight about how much liquid nicotine is present in the cigarettes. Most of these liquids come within 24 mg, 12 mg and 6 mg strength for the smokers to use. 12 mg, which is the medium strength, is recommended to many new users as it is neither too high nor too low which serves to provide the perfect balance for new electronic cigarette smokers. This amount of liquid nicotine accounts for less than a teaspoon and if the smokers began to make a habit of smoking it then quitting can become rather easier or either they could switch to the low liquid nicotine strength electronic cigarettes in the long run. The tobacco cigarettes contain twice the amount of nicotine in their body which has served to cause the death rates due to smoking hit the maximum over the recent years. In comparison to the electronic cigarettes nicotine content, the tobacco cigarettes have one which is equal to 30 cigarettes. The liquid nicotine content in the e cigarettes is smoked by the smokers through the process of vaporization and thus, accounts to deliver for quite less harm.
The new users of the electronic cigarettes are known to choose the high nicotine content within their cigarettes. People think that the more they go towards the high strength, the lesser they would want the low strength liquid nicotine in their cigarettes. Experienced users of the e cigarettes know the whole thing and are not fooled in making transition towards low strengths as they know it would not affect their smoking much. This sort of courage can be achieved after sticking to the electronic cigarettes for a good while all the while having to reach a goal of going towards the low nicotine strength. People just need to listen to their bodies and do what is comfortable in order to make successful switches between the nicotine strengths of their cigarettes.

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