Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes with Pros and Cons

The e cigarette is available in a range of sizes and shapes. Each of them is designed to be compatible with the preferences of a certain category of users. Those folks who do not know much about the domain of electronic cigarettes might find it a bit tricky to select the ideal setup at first. Even though, there are tens and thousands of different suppliers and vendors of these devices to select, but generally electronic cigarettes are divided into three major categories. All of them are explicated below.

Mini E Cigs

This form of e cigarette is highly recommended to those folks who are transitioning for the traditional tobacco cigarettes for the very first time. These kinds of cigs render them an easy and natural course of transition, since they offer the feel and look of conventional tobacco sticks. The mini electronic cigarettes are the lightweight and small options, which remarkably help their users to fix their nicotine issues.

Widely accessible in just about every part of the globe, the mini electronic cigarettes are developed in both rechargeable and disposable formats. However, some of the cons of these devices include restricted options to upgrade, might not be able to meet the needs of full flavor or heavy smokers and short life of the battery.

Mid-Sized E Cigs

As its name implies, the midsized e cigarette is the perfect option for intermediate users. It is quite a famous choice, since the cigarettes of these categories are comparatively small and offer stronger production of vapors along with extended battery life. It is highly advised for heaviest tobacco users from any medium sized model of these devices which are at times also recognized as the Vape Pens. The reason behind it is that heavy smokers will feel much more satisfied by using them, instead of the mini ones.

When it comes to the pros of midsized electronic cigarettes, then their overall performance should be on the top of the list. After all, they offer almost as twice as vapor power and life of the battery as compared to the mini sticks. Besides it, they are very reasonably priced and have competence to meet the requirements of most of the smokers. On the other hand, they are faintly larger as compared to the conventional tobacco cigs, which falls in the cons of using a midsized e cigarette. Moreover, the performance of these devices is not completely customizable, which is another con.

Mods or APVs

APVs stands for Advanced Private Vaporizers which is a special form of e cigarette devised to offer the ultimate experience. The Mods generally resemble the contour of a fat flashlight. Dissimilar to their mini and midsized counterparts, which come with prepackaged, cylindrical shaped battery, the APVs typically feature lithium rechargeable battery of 3.7 volts.

The most obvious benefit of buying APVs is that they incorporate those functions which cannot be found in any other version of e cigarette including variable voltage, digital readouts, diverse tank styles and so forth. The only notable con of APVs is that they are extremely expensive.













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