What Differentiates E Cigs from Traditional Cigs?


The electronic cigarettes have become one of the most exclusive inventions in the present times. They offer both short as well as long-term benefits to everyone who wants to quit smoking for good in a short period of time. The e cig is easily available in the market as well as at online e stores; therefore, those who have not yet brought them are surely missing out on quite a lot. With their increasing significance, the tobacco industry has suffered quit a lot in the matter of sales as well as popularity over the past couple of years.

No Smoke

The e cigarettes are exceptionally different from the traditional cigarettes. This is due to the fact that they are entirely smokeless, which means that they do not contain any kind of smoke whatsoever. Due to this, they can be smoked everywhere in the public without having to face any issues in the matter. Now smokers can smoke an e cig without having to worry about anything in the public since they do not, in any way encourage passive smoking. When smoking, the tips of these cigarettes looks as if it is burning, but the reality is that it is only an effect.

No Tar

The electronic cigarettes are different from the traditional ones also because they do not contain any tar. Tar is a harmful substance which is found in a huge quantity in traditional cigarettes. Not only is it bad from the human body, but it is particularly bad for the gums as well as the teeth. Chain smokers of traditional cigarettes often face any difficulties in the process of getting their teeth issues fixed. The e cig does not contain any tar, which is precisely why it should be the number one choice for smokers from all over the world.

No Nicotine

Nicotine is an exceptionally dangerous substance which is found in a lot of quantity in the traditional cigarettes. It is very addictive and only because of this fact, smokers tend to become very addicted to traditional smoking in the long run. By switching over to an e cig, people can get rid of this issue as these cigarettes do not contain any nicotine, for that matter. More and more health organizations want the traditional cigarettes to be gone for good, but with the e cigarettes being out it, it truly is the most effective and safest alternative of traditional smoking.

Longer Smoking Span

A very important thing that differentiates the e cig from the traditional ones is the fact that these are much more long lasting in comparison with the traditional cigs. This means that smokers can go on to smoke these all over again without having to buy them on a daily basis, like they would have to do with the traditional cigarettes. With all that they have to offer in both the short as well as the long run, the electronic cigarettes are truly the best option for traditional cigarettes which are not only bad for health, but also very exceptionally expensive in comparison.


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