Dig in E-Cigarette Flavors and Learn your Personality Type


Just like favorite color tells a lot about someone’s personality, similarly e cig flavor that is being consumed largely reveals a lot about personal strengths, weaknesses, skills, likes and dislikes. With so many e cig flavors available online as well as in the market, if need persists to reach out to one or two specific flavors, then spot on the flavor is conforming to personality type and it just doesn’t want to shift and try or continue with others available. It is very interesting to know, since e cig usage has been increasing with time, people simply want to quit hazardous intake for better health and with the advent of good smelling, yummy flavors to vape, it is amusing to find out more about self or friends through regular intake of flavors. Here’s a list of some of the most popular flavors that are sold in larger volumes than others and what do personality specialists have to say about the lovers of these-


1) Strawberry flavor-


Alright, call it stereotyping or any other synonym, strawberry flavor is largely bought my females and a little population of males. Those who love vaping the strawberry flavor in the e cig have a soft hearted and shy personality. Although these people are said to be emotional but alongside the lot even has a great eye for detail. Great opinionated people however contemplate a lot before voicing opinions in front of others. Strawberry loving smokers are also light hearted and prefer keeping things easy rather than taking to head and fretting about stuff.


2) Mint flavor-


What strikes instantly with the word mint is a blast of freshness and cool touch. That is exactly what mint lovers are all about. Extremely cool people with hardly any prejudices in life. Those who are seen vaping mint e-cigs have a personality that attracts and makes center of attention effortlessly. For those who are around mint smokers also enjoy the company and feel comfortable with the environment.


3) Chocolate flavor-


Chocolate flavor e cig lovers, the ground of passion, deep sense of belongingness and knowing exactly what one wants out of life is the understated description that defines the personality. Chocolate is intense, it is deep and fierce, those who love choco e-cigs are the same in essence too. Perfectionists in nature who have the ability to charm others and make things look extra ordinary. Though the personality type is also vulnerable but if one wants the best of both worlds, then a choco lover is the personality type one is looking for.


4) Vanilla flavor-

This one’s sold a little lesser than the other flavors mentioned above, nonetheless it has a niche segment. Vanilla e cig lovers are the sophisticated, organized and extremely convincing people. The personality type is so influential that what these people say, others tend to believe in it without blinking an eye. Consider politicians or other influential figures, the flavor vanilla is all about that. Another factor denoted with vanilla flavor lovers is these people are perfectionists. Not a pinch of dust on personal belongings or a crease on clothes is visible.




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