Disposable Cigar- An alternative to cigar

Cigar – another type of tobacco smoking :

The smoke of tobacco cigarettes also contains harmful chemicals and toxins that is harmful for both the smokers and the non – smokers. The smoke of the cigar includes those harmful chemicals that give rise to a very deadly disease – cancer. As everybody know that tobacco is a very harmful product and it should not be used as it is the only cause of cancer. Cigars also contain tobacco like cigarettes do. Either cigars are smoked from a minimum level of tobacco and nicotine, they are still very much more harmful. The cigars started from an initial level leads to the addiction of smoking tobacco cigars and more the cigars are smoked, the more the risk of cancer increases. The major diseases that are caused by smoking cigars includes oral cavity cancers that can be cancer of tongue, lips, mouth or throat, larynx cancer, lung cancer and esophagus.

Disposable cigars as an alternative for smoking:

Like disposable cigarettes, disposable cigars are also available at many markets. They are designed in such a way that fulfills the requirements of the people who are addicted to cigar smoking. However, in design they look same like natural tobacco cigars, but in the functions they are very much different from them. A good quality disposable cigar provides more than 1000 puffs. And these 1000 puffs are equal to almost 2 regular cigars.

The disposable cigars are always ready to use. They can be used anywhere anytime. Just put it in mouth and inhale and it starts working. A disposable cigar provides higher vapor and it doesn’t need to be recharged. The more vapor produced by the disposable cigar fulfills the demand of the smoker. The more the vapor is produced, the more the smoker is satisfied. The disposable cigars should be disposed when they are finished. These disposable cigarette playing an alternative role also helps in making it easy for a smoker to quit smoking tobacco.

Disposable cigars are also available in many flavors. There are two flavors of disposable cigars that are sold the most and they are Cuban and menthol. The disposable cigars are usually a bit expensive than the tobacco cigars. But smoking a  disposable cigar is way better than smoking a tobacco cigar because a disposable cigar is free of any harmful components. Like disposable cigarettes, disposable cigars are also available in different levels of nicotine. The disposable cigar level includes zero, low, medium and high. The smokers can buy a disposable cigar according to their nicotine requirement.

Difference between disposable cigarettes and disposable cigars:

There are many differences between disposable cigarettes and disposable cigars. They are different in design, style and somehow in functions as well. But the similarity between them is that they both helps the tobacco addicts in quitting smoking. As compared to the disposable cigarettes, disposable cigars are more expensive. They generate more vapor and a single cigar provides more puffs than disposable cigarettes.

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