Disposable cigarettes – an alternative to smoking

A disposable cigarette is an electronic inhaler that by vaporizing a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, helps in stimulating the process of smoking. A disposable cigarette known as many more names as well like electronic cigarette, E cigarette and personal vaporizer. As all the people know that smoking tobacco can cause many problems so the disposable cigarettes were invented as an alternative to smoking.

Harmful aspects of tobacco:

Smoking tobacco is the only major cause that gives rise to many diseases that are mostly incurable. Tobacco contains a very harmful chemical known as nicotine. The amount of nicotine present in the regular cigarettes almost destroys a person by making him/her highly addictive to this chemical. An excess or addiction of smoking tobacco can give rise to different types cancer like lung cancer, blood cancer, mostly mouth cancer and many other diseases.

An alternative to smoking:

There was a time when a huge number of people were involved in the highly addictive habit of tobacco smoking. So, because of the addiction of the people, the disposable cigarettes were invented. The disposable cigarettes are also not safe in all aspects but they are way much better than the regular tobacco cigarettes containing nicotine. It has been suggested by many researchers that the disposable cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes because they are free from tar and tobacco. These disposable cigarettes look same like regular tobacco cigarettes but is different in functions. The disposable cigarettes are odorless without any unpleasant smoke and ash.

The disposable cigarettes are available in different levels of nicotines. But mostly all the disposable cigarettes are available in four levels ranging from a higher one to zero. A single disposable cigarette is equal to more than a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes. So, using a single disposable cigarette a day is better than smoking many tobacco cigarettes in a day as single disposable cigarette is equal to more than 500 puffs of tobacco cigarette.

The disposable cigarettes are very helpful for those people who are addicted to tobacco smoking a wants to quit it. It has been suggested that those who wants to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes should  switch to disposable cigarettes because quitting the habit of smoking tobacco at once is a very difficult task or it can also be said that it is near to impossible as addiction of nicotine is always very hard to quit. So, once a person switches to disposable cigarette tan it can help him/her a lot in quitting tobacco smoking. For some change for people, disposable cigarettes are available in different flavors. Most popular flavors that are offered by almost all the disposable cigarette companies are vanilla, tobacco, menthol and mint.

Benefits of disposable cigarettes:

There are many benefits of disposable cigarettes. They are free from carbon monoxide and tar and no other toxins or chemicals that are harmful for people. It does not generate any unpleasant smoke like other tobacco cigarettes. Its relatively cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Disposable cigarettes have made kicking out the smoking habit very easy.

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