Disposable e-cigarettes and their contribution:

One only believes that discarding an addiction from one’s life for good is the toughest thing as the after effects are so strong that people face an attractive determination to get back to the addiction. This is the main hurdle in quitting the worst habit one can have, smoking. Society has especially made everyone believe that once a person gets addicted to it, there is no easy way out that those who are willing to do it, are immensely discouraged by the impact of other people’s perception. To stop all of these perceptions and make the environment better, the novel idea of e-cigarettes was introduced.

Electronic cigarettes are a replacement of the traditional cigarettes which does not produce harmful chemicals in the form of smoke. Instead it only uses nicotine as their ingredient as one wouldn’t feel the sensation of smoking with the existence of nicotine in it. Mainly, disposable e-cigarettes which can be disposed of likethe traditional cigarettes have been the talkof the chain smokerslately. The main components of an e-cigarette are the battery,atomizer and the liquid.The containerin which the liquid is keptinside the e-cigarettecannot be refilledin a disposable e-cigarette whereas the other ones are available in the name of refillable.

A person thrives to eventually reduce the levels of nicotine in the e-cigarette, whether disposable e-cigarette or not, which is why it helps in the gradual process of quitting the awful habit which not only damages a human body internally but also harm the person around them, which is commonly known as passive smoking. The fact that people can alter the levels of nicotine is a concept appreciated by many showing that a step is being taken to at least try to quit and transform one into making a better health lifestyle.

This differentiation of having disposable cigarettes have been introduced so that those who just want to give it a try can buy these instead of having to buy the whole kit of an e-cigarette. The prices are of different ranges but might not be economical for many people to buy it and then not use it. Disposable cigarettes are portable and thus helpful in travel but the best part of any e-cigarette pertains to the fact that no more can people stop one from smoking indoors. As no harmful smoke is released at all, there is no way another person might be affected by people smoking an e-cigarette.

It would be a shame if people do not utilize the advantages of e-cigarettes and keep harming oneself and the environment too. The consequences of smoking are adverse including the possibility of lung and mouth cancer ta the worst. Anyone who knows about the concept of disposable e-cigarettes should feel responsible for passing on the message to other so as to encourage all the smokers to stop their poor habit and give a second thought on the horrific consequences they and their families might have to face at the end of the day.



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