Disposable E-Cigarettes: Positives and Negatives

E-cigarettes have been the reason behind the stir created in smoking market segment. It has broken away a slice of smokers, who are aware of nicotine damages and want to make a change for betterment. However, with the passage of time another extension of e cig is available which is called as the disposable e cig. These e cigarettes can be smoked up for around 400 puffs and then disposed off. With many advantages there are a few disadvantages of this extension too, so figure out according to personal convenience as to which side weighs heavier-


1) No charging required-


As with e cig there comes a battery that is recharged after every use, disposable e cig does not require any charging. Which seems like a good point since the time that is invested in charging can be irritating at times. Also, when outdoors it is not possible to have the charger available at all times, thus disposable e-cigarettes are simply used without the hassle of charging and recharging.


2) Costly in the long run-


E cig once bought only need vaping liquid investment in the future, and if battery needs maintenance or a change that is done. Otherwise there is no cost associated and it works for some time depending on the kind of usage. Alternatively disposable ones last as long as conventional one and half cigarette pack would last. So if the smoker is vaping on a continuous and regular basis, using disposable e cig can prove to be quite costly in long term.


3) Hygiene friendly-


One cannot say that normal e cig is unhygienic, it whole sole depends on the smoker on how it is maintained and serviced in time. Some users are either too busy or too lazy to go through the rituals of cleaning in a timely manner. Disposable ones are good in those terms, before the actual need of cleanup and service is required, the puff limit ends and e cigarette has to be thrown away.


4) Easy to use when travelling-


Disposable e cigarette is a convenient option for travellers, it is portable and extremely easy to use. As it does not require charging time and again with travelling routines it is not at all a hassle to reconnect and recharge the e cigarette for further use. It is an ideal choice for those who do not mind paying extra in the long run in return to ease and hygiene friendly e cigarette.


5) Limited flavor options-


The experimental and particular about flavor smokers should beware as disposable ones do not come in a wide variety of flavors. As of now, a limited range is available. If it does not suit the needs of smoker there is not much that can be done until new range is introduced. Some people switch and use flavors of normal e cigarette with these but it is preferred to buy and use only those that are custom made or delivered by disposable e cigarette companies.


6) Available on online websites too-


Products that are available online always make life easier. Similarly, disposable e cigs are also available online and can be grabbed easily by multiple manufacturers. Only thing to be careful is to take note of the company that is making it and where is it being made as these factors contribute to the quality of the product.


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