Do E Cigarettes have a Chance to Completely Dominate the Cigarette Market

E cigarettes are amongst the most talked about devices now a day as they have a super utility added with immense popularity that they have gained over the years. It has already been discussed that tobacco companies are now feeling the pressure of increasing popularity of the safer and more health friendly alternatives. People are becoming more self aware and health conscious due to the fact that diseases are increasing and the medical expenses have towered as compared to the last decades. The E cigarettes make it possible for people to smoke without having to pay for it one day.
Cancer is just to start with when it comes to the hazards carried by the tobacco cigarettes. Mouth cancer eats away the tissues around the mouth and de-shapes the lips region. It can cause a person his life in severe cases. Lung cancer is a very common disease found in chain smokers and the disease is known to kill the individual who fall a prey to it if nothing is done for its cure any time soon. E cigarettes are free from these threats as they do not have the dangerous tobacco or the nicotine in them. Nicotine however comes in some models of E cigarettes but the good thing is that the user can decide the density of nicotine in cartridge. Some models come in zero nicotine as well.
E cigarettes have been dominating at least the discussion about cigarettes and smoking over the internet and it makes people think that this truly will be the future of cigarettes and smoking. Tobacco companies have been manufacturing and supplying their tobacco cigarettes over the globe for decades. Despite of the fact that the advertisements and movie scenes carrying smoking content are filtered by government and non government organizations stating that “smoking kills”, they still do not seem like coming down on the popularity graph as people still like to follow the brand that may even kill them one day.
It can be said that it will take no less than years for E cigarettes to dominate the cigarettes market as people are still crazy enough to follow the hazardous brands that have been fascinating them over the years. According to doctors, E cigarettes should replace the regular cigarettes as they cause a far lesser threat to the health of users. No doctor would ever advise to smoke, he may not even suggest the patients to smoke an e cigarette, but when it comes to quit smoking then there is a high need for doctors to advise their patients to use the lesser hazardous alternative.
It cannot be clearly said today whether the future entirely belongs to E cigarettes or will the tobacco cigarettes continue to have the larger share in the consumer market. But one thing can be said for sure, that smokers who are aware enough and those who are willing to make a onetime investment in order to save the future troubles will always go for the E cigarettes.


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