Do e cigs help quit smoking

Some states such as the US and turkey have controlled the use of tobacco by banning public smoking but many people continue to smoke in their private life which is sad. Since the start of the manufacturing of e cigarettes, there have been several brands introduced in the market.  E cigarettes have been proven to save many people from the hazards of deadly tobacco diseases which include respiratory as well as heart diseases. E cigarettes are also safer for the user a study conducted on 42 people proved that 22 people of them who consumed e cigs experienced less elevated heartbeat and lower blood pressure. This proves that the use of e cigs does not cause the heart dysfunctions caused by e cigs.

A very useful study conducted by the Boston school of Public health proved that e cigarettes are more effective in quitting smoking than other methods. The research was conducted on 222 people. The study proved that 31 % people after six months of continuous smoking stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes. Only 18% of them found nicotine gums, patches and inhalers in any way useful. Therefore, it can be concluded that e cigarettes are definitely effective tools to help quit smoking and more effective than other tools used for ages.

Moreover, e cigarettes allow the user to choose the amount of nicotine in the cartridges. The liquid comes in bottles containing as little as 6ml liquid. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and the excessive use of it leads to nicotine fixation in which a person is unable to do without nicotine. This is extremely helpful as the users can lessen the amount of e liquid day by day until a point comes when a person is completely rid of the nicotine addiction.

A study proved that 79% people who smoked e cigs have not transitioned back to traditional tobacco which shows there influence on the users and effectiveness. E cigs are as effective as they are not only a delicious but also a very healthy alternative to, tobacco. The e cigs come in various delicious flavors including blue berry, coffee, chocolate, apple, melon, tobacco, pineapple etc. This makes the user find it easy to transition as the mouth-watering taste of the e liquid keeps the person engaged.

E cigarettes are also more cost effective than other methods that do not work therefore people are more likely to transition to them According to an online study 84% people use e cigarettes as they thought that they were much cheaper than smoking. The purchase of a cigarette kit is a onetime investment while tobacco cigarettes are disposable and therefore have to be purchased ever day. Therefore, this means of quitting is more accessible and cost effective for users and they get influenced by it more.

Therefore, it can be concluded that with a proper regulatory body and medical guidance from health professionals, e cigarettes can play a huge part not only in improving health but also as a tool to help quit smoking.

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