Dripping with one’s e-cigarette

If one is a beginner at using e- cigarettes, they probably don’t even know what dripping is. Dripping is defined as a method, by which juice is delivered, not by using the cartridge or the filler that come with one’s e cig, instead it allows one to drip their juice directly on to their respective atomizer and vaporize it. There are a few reasons why this particular method is considered to be far better than using a cartridge and the filler. For starters, this allows one to actually get more flavor of the juice and absolutely none of the vile filler taste, as when the cartridge and the filler are used, one tends to get a funky taste when they smoke. Secondly, using a cartridge and filler can also be quite bothersome because most of the time they do not work very well and they are prone to flooding as well. Plus, they are not easy to fill up completely. In addition, stock cartridges also pose quite a bit of problems.

Dripping is quite easy to do.  The first thing to do is to remove one’s cartridge and pull the filler material out, using one’s fingers, or one can even use a pair of tweezers. The second step is to drip two or three drops of one’s juice directly on to their atomizer, right on top of it. 510’s require three drops while other products can all make do with two. Lastly, one has to put the cartridge back in its place, without the filler and start vaporizing all they want. Whole five to eight puffs can be achieved easily in this instance before one would need to drip again. A thing to remember is that if one tends to put too much juice on their atomizer, that would make it leak and also will not produce any vapor. This is because it gets flooded. If this happens, one should just keep drawing on to their e cig, until they start getting the vapor again. In time, one will be able to figure out how many drops they require to get the most out of their experience.

To improve their respective dripping experience, one can buy drip trips. These replace one’s electronic cigarette cartridge with a tip with which one can drip through, directly on to their atomizers. These are available in a variety of plastics as well as metals, such as stain less steel and aluminum. These accessories are preferred by electronic cigarette users everywhere who frequent and enjoy dripping as they do not have to take the cartridge in and out again and again whenever they have to drip.

Another helpful tip is to use thick juice whenever one wants to drip. And what exactly makes thick juice? Usually a hundred percent VG juice proves to be as thick as syrup unless something is added to it to make it thin. VG juices are available at a lot of vendors as well as online web stores, making them easily attainable.

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