E cig a lifesaver:


There has been much heated debate on whether e cig is a saver from smoking related diseases or the culprit behind newly formed diseases that are known to occur through it. The e cig revolution started from when they were manufactured in 2007 and recognized as acceptable smoking elements. Since then there has been much skepticism regarding their safety and some organizations such as the FDA have completely condemned their use. In contrary, the e cig is recognized as a healing element and sold as a pharmaceutical product in countries like Austria.

Why avoid regular tobacco:

Regular cigarettes contain elements like nicotine and tar, which are addictive and lethal. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and due to the release of dopamine once the neurotransmitters get used to the release the person enters a state of nicotine addiction. Once addicted to nicotine one has to consume the same amount every day to get the same kind of sensation otherwise ailments such as depression and headaches occur. Tobacco cigarettes have known to cause diseases such as mouth, lung, and throat cancer as it contains cancer-causing carcinogens. Moreover, smoking has resulted in pre mature births miscarriages and even still birth in cases where pregnant mothers smoked. One out of 5 people in America have died from tobacco smoking and it is a very prominent cause of death worldwide.

E cigarette as a Nicotine reduction and quit smoking therapy

Fortunately, researchers brought a safe alternative to cigarette known as the electronic cigarette. E cig is an electrical device, which with the help of an atomizer heats the liquid nicotine solution known as the e liquid and produces a harmless vapor rather than smoke. The taste and feel of the smoking element is similar to that of a traditional cigarette but it is harmless to the human body. The e liquid forum in the e cig is safe and contains very little nicotine and when produces in the form of vapor it does not affect the health as such. The e cig is free of tar, tobacco, and carcinogens, which are responsible of tons of smoking related diseases. The best thing about e cig is that the amount of e cig can be chose by the smoker and he can reduce is little by little each day until he is rid of nicotine fixation which also makes the e cig a useful quit smoking therapy.

Studies on cig:

The professor of European institute of cardiology has stated that the e cig can save the lives of four out of eight million people who will die of tobacco related diseases if not treated on time. Moreover, a research by the Boston Institute of medical Association has found that 222 people that switched from regular to tobacco cigarette, at least 33 percent of them claimed that they preferred e cigarette to nicotine gums and patches as they found the e cigarette closest to a regular cigarette. Other nicotine reduction therapies fail to provide them the same results and they end up getting demotivated and quitting.


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