E-Cig Starter Guide

There are more options for e cig starter kits as compared to the disposable style of e cigarettes. These sleek electronic devices come with a nicotine liquid cartridge and a rechargeable battery. One just has to charge the battery and screw the liquid nicotine cartridge on and they are all set.

These e cigarettes come in various sizes like the cigarette size and the compact flashlight size and one can buy them in many different and cool styles and colors. Due to the number of options and styles that are available in the market, it can be quite confusing when one goes out to buy the best electronic cigarette starter kits that money can buy. The rechargeable e cigarette kits are preferred by many medium to heavy smokers over the disposable kinds because of the versatility and the cost savings that are offered by them. They are more powerful and give more nicotine per puff.

These starter kits contain a charger, a rechargeable battery and a liquid nicotine cartridge. Buying a quality starter kit is crucial to the satisfaction of one’s cravings. One’s ultimate goal is obviously to buy the best there is to e cigarettes so that they can forget about smoking the traditional tobacco ones.

If one has already tried a disposable e cig, they already have an idea of what they are looking for. One would be focusing their attention on the qualities that they hold most dear to them. That can be either more flavors or a long lasting battery. If one were to go for the smaller sizes, they would need to get at least two batteries in order to be able to charge one while they are using the other. The number of puffs per cartridge is usually estimated by manufacturers or they sometimes associate a single cartridge to blank packs of smoke though all of that depends on the intensity of one’s drag. The majority claims that one to two packs are equal to one cartridge.

Since the vapor of e cigarettes is not as dense as the smoke of a tobacco cigarette, most smokers tend to take longer and deeper drags at first to get the same burning feeling in their lungs that an e cigarette does not offer.  So one should not expect that a nicotine cartridge in such a case would last as long as two packs and there would be no disappointment then. One needs to remember that it is the nicotine that they are addicted to and that they do not need that heavy feeling in their lungs to gain satisfaction.

One should find a rechargeable e cigarette that is of a flavor that they enjoy and they can try different levels of nicotine to decipher which level they like best. If one is not satisfies with one rechargeable e cig, they should not give up and instead should try an even more advanced unit. Most kits use different nicotine cartridges so one should grab plenty of replacement ones to have on hand.



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