Is the e cigar a medicinal product?

In countries like Austria, the e cigar is not only legal but is sold as a pharmaceutical product. It is said to have medicinal properties that help the user-quit smoking and be saved from tobacco related diseases. However, many health organizations are skeptical of making a smoking element into a medicinal product and some are still unsure of its legalization.


The FDA discovered toxic elements in its cartridges in 2009; the toxicity of these chemicals was proven to be bad enough to severely damage the human body. However, such chemicals were not found post 2009 and the FDA is conducting studies to re consider its opinion regarding e cigars.


A more recent research h conducted in 2011 by an organization named chest found that smokers who were given thee cigar had severe pulmonary effects and higher oxidative stress on their lungs. This effect was from a detail analysis after a 5-minute smoking session. The researchers explained that regular smoker would perhaps smoke for much longer causing increased damage to his lungs and heart. However, they did not compare the effects with a regular tobacco cigar as the comparison may have made them re think their decision about the product seeing that it has fewer effects on the body than deadly tobacco.

BMA (British medical association):

The BMA was at first skeptical of the use of e cigar but studies showed that most people prefer smoking elements as an alternative to cigar and nicotine patches and gums cannot provide the sensation of smoking. Therefore, they concluded that for those people only e cigars are a nicotine reduction or smoking therapy and is very much a medical product.

European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress 2012

There are 70000 people in the UK who smoke the e cigar.The amount is increasing day by day. The reason for this is the improving health of the users. They have been found to be as good as nicotine patches and better than gums. Professor of health psychology at UCL told the meeting that millions of lives could be saved from the use of e cigar. It is expected that from 2016 the e cigar will be a licensed medicinal product as many people will switch to e cigar and doctors will start recommending it. The only concern that was raised about e cigars was that companies do not test these products before selling them in the market, which raises questions on their safety. A study conducted in 1996 was highlighted in which rats inhaled e liquid for years and they did not have any severe harmful effects on their health.

Therefore, whether e cigar is going to be a medicinal product for sure is still uncertain however, studies are being conducted and people are coming out with evidence o its benefits. E cigars are definitely safer than regular tobacco nevertheless cigars will be perhaps safer to use with a doctors consult or medical practitioners consult.


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