The E-cigar – Sophistication and Safety Combined

The e-cigar is the latest edition in the ever-growing, dynamic world of e-cigarettes. It combines all the qualities of the e-cigarette (which are many) with the qualities of the traditional Cuban (which are very few). One of the newer versions of ‘cig-a-likes’, e-cigars have been growing in use ever since the use of e-cigarettes have become common. E-cigars are basically the safe and healthy versions of tobacco cigars. They look like them but do not harm the smoker (or “vaporer”) as normal Cubans tend to do. There are a few inherent features of e-cigars that all people who are interested in their use, should know about.


An e-cigar will look like a basic cigar, as mentioned above. This means that they sophistication and class that cigars display will still be there in the electronic version. In fact, it may even increase as the variety that is available in e-cigars is far more than a normal version may offer. Investors tend to put more finances in electronic smokes simply because of the fact that electronic cigarette sales have gone up from 50,000 (in 2008) to a whopping 3.5 million (in 2012) in the USA alone. Investors are easily able to see the drastic shift in people’s thinking and are therefore offering them more variety in style and appearance of the e-cigar. There are many styles, colors and lengths to choose from. One can still look classic when smoking at the billiard table.

The Kick

True cigar fans have usually opted for the product because cigars give a heavier hit on each puff. It produces a huge amount of smoke because it is heavy when it comes to taste and smoke. An e-cigar lives up to that expectation as well. The nicotine is a little heavier in e-cigars as compared to simple e-cigarettes. Good e-cigars release a lot of flavor when they are puffed. They are also able to produce a heavier amount of vapor. The kick that cigar smokers love so much about the Cuban will remain the same.

As an added bonus, the companies that manufacture the e-cigar will also offer a number of different flavors for the vapor. This adds to the smoker’s high, as they call it. These flavors actually come from e-liquids that are installed inside the e-cigarette. Some common flavors include tobacco, Cuban, peach, strawberry, mint and the like.


Of course, the one major reason due to which people shift to electronic smoking is the fact that it is safer. The e-cigar, too, is able to provide the security. Even though the nicotine levels are a little higher as compared to normal e-cigarettes (as it is a ‘cigar’), the tobacco levels remain zero. The vapor that is produced has no smell or stink that might affect passive smokers in the room. E-cigars ensure a longer life and a healthier lifestyle as well. It is also less commonly banned than a huge cigar, which is banned at pretty much all public places.

Opt for the e-cigar for sophistication, style, class and safety – all rolled up in one small device.


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