E Cigar – Types of E-Liquids Available For Them!

E cigar is considered as a relatively new addition in the world of electronic cigarettes, however the principle on which it works is unreservedly identical to one on which other e-cigs do their function. One of the most critical constituents, which is also known as the essence of electronic cigars is the liquid present in it, technically called “E-Liquid”. Generally it is used in the cartridges and has three chief components: An agent which is supposed to generate the vapors, Nicotine for the apparent reasons and some supplemented flavorings in order to add various flavors.

Apart from nicotine, all other components of e-liquid are considered safe to use in other food products. There are two major kinds of agents which can be utilized to produce vapors.

Types of Agents

These days, the cosmic majority of e-liquids which is available in the market are based on Propylene Glycol also recognized as PG. The PG is known to produce relatively less amount of vapors and generally creates sweeter juices. While the second kind of agent which is used to make vapors is Vegetable Glycerin which tends to create larger amount of vapors as compared to the PG agent and the flavors which are produced by it are also less sweet.

The VG is most often used by those folks who are sensitive to PG or suffering from various kinds of allergies. Some liquids for e cigar are also available which are produced by mixing both types of agents. Vegetable Glycerin mixed into the Propylene Glycol in order to give it higher level of consistency.

Strength of E-Liquids

Due to the diverse taste of customers, e-liquids also come with different levels of nicotine that generally ranging from zero to 4.8 percent of nicotine. The amount of nicotine present in each e-liquid is expressed either in milliliter or milligrams.

Does Any Liquid Tastes Like Real Cigar

Well, if somebody is trying to catch an e-liquid that exactly provides taste, flavor and aroma of a real cigar then it is almost impossible. However, such e-liquids are available in the marketplace which are extremely close to the traditional cigars and virtually taste like them. It is also imperative to keep in mind that different flavors of e-liquid for e cigar produce totally different flavors which are purchased from different suppliers. It means if one person does not like a particular flavor of one brand, then he/she might like the same which is bought from another company.

Best Way to Store E-Liquids

E-liquids are very sensitive and they ought to be kept in a dry and cool place which moreover, should not be bare to the direct sunlight. Some manufactures also utilize colored bottles in order to store e-liquid, as it helps them quashing the exposure from direct rays of sunlight. While purchasing e-liquids for e cigar, the manufacture and expiry date must be cautiously read. It is assumed that most of the flavors expire within the time frame of two years after their manufacturing date. In addition to it, make certain to keep them away from pets and children.


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