E-cigar Types

E cigars are the next big thing in the world of e cigarettes and they have taken it by storm. There are ton of e cigar types that one can choose from, though this article would be looking at the ones that have been rated the highest in 2014. Below is given the description of all of the top choices of e cigars.

Firstly, there is the CUVANA, by one of the most famous companies that deal in e cigars. This is quite the replica of the classic hand rolled cigar and if one wants a realistic electronic cigar experience as well as taste, then this is the one for them. Not only is it complete with each and every detail covered, but is also full size and is one of the e cigars that fool others into thinking that one is smoking an actual cigar. One may even start to believe in that themselves just after a few puffs. It has over 1200 puffs and thus lasts a long time, and is certainly an e cigar that would blow one’s mind.

Secondly, there is the Vapor Zeus. This is one of the most unique e cigars on the planet. It is available in either a Dual model or an automatic model. With the dual model, one is able to use one of two modes, either the manual mode or the auto mode. This e cigar operates on a powerful 1.5 volt output or more steam engine, with a total of 5.0 volts. It has the ability to use various kinds of e liquids and has a rechargeable battery that is quite long lasting. The Vapor Zeus has been categorized as a personal vaporizer as well as an e cigar.

Thirdly, there is the rechargeable Maracello e cigar. Designed by Antonio Villard after years of research and feedback, this e cigar has a realistic cigar body, a charger, two refill cartridges, all of which are boxed in an elegant box. Not only is this e cigar well made, but it is also easy to use. One just has to place a refill cartridge in the body and start puffing away. Each of these refill cartridges is equivalent to six to eight analog cigars. Not only do they taste spectacular, they also have just the right amount of zing.

Fourthly, there is another e cigar by Antonio Villard which comes in two sizes. The big one is the Royale and the smaller one is the Cubana that tastes like any other small cigar. The Cubana has a smooth and sweet draw and a mild cigar taste, while the Royale has a bold mild flavor. Both of these e cigars have a unique green glow tip which lights up when one takes a puff.

And lastly there are the e cigar types that are offered by E-Cigarette USA, coming in seven different flavors that include Cherry cigar, classic cigar, regular tobacco, Menthol and vanilla. They have a soft tip and are quite inexpensive.



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