Should E-Cigar be used?

Smoking has become a fashion lately. However, the most common forms of smoking devices, that have been previously known, are cigarettes and cigars.

Why Cigars are commonly used?

  • Cigar smoking has been very popular in the United States. The major reason for its popularity is that many shops, cigar magazines, bars and even clubs, act like an invisible hand in promoting them.
  • Many of the cigar smokers consider this device as an affordable luxury, which portrays their success and as well as their status.
  • However, some of the regular consumers view the habit of cigar smoking as a sign of taste and refinement.
  • Moreover, the increasing popularity of the usage of cigars if fed by the effort of tobacco industries to embellish the cigars, especially when  the athlete and many prominent celebrities tend to show their willingness to be photographed with smoking cigars, especially when they are paid.

Is E-Cigar Safe to Use?

The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are now inventing new devices that are specifically designed to reproduce a number of different types of smoking that uses vaporized liquids. This can also be flavored according to the taste of the user. The e-cigar is amongst one of these inventions.

The e-cigar is designed in such a manner that it tends to look somewhat familiar to the real cigars. They appear to look like the large cigars, and their one end is usually the illuminated tip that is covered with fake ash. This gives it more resemblance to the original cigars.

The e-cigar functions in such a manner that as the smoker puffs on one of its ends the system build within it delivers a smog of liquid, flavoring and nicotine that resembles somewhat like smog. This nicotine and the other chemicals then enter the lungs through the mouth.

The major reason for the consistent use of e-cigar is its ability to produce stink-free smog. This trait is very appreciated by its users. The e-cigars are disposable, and are often packed within the real tobacco leaf when sold.

Although the marketers of e-cigar claims that the ingredients used in it are safe, but it only implies that these ingredients are safe to eat. There is a major difference between inhaling and swallowing. Moreover, the types of ingredients used within the e-cigars are not clearly mentioned. This means that the users are still unaware what it carries. Furthermore, the average amount of nicotine that a person inhales is also very unclear. So, it is not be blindly used.

Still the e-cigar delivers nicotine to their users, but the quantity is unknown. As nicotine is an addictive drug, it can lead to dependence, until or unless he keeps himself away from them. Nicotine usually increases the heart beat, which subsequently increases the rate of heart diseases.

Although e-cigar is designed to halt the excessive use of original cigars, but many young ones have taken it habitually, considering that is harmless. In this manner, they are indirectly becoming more prone to nicotine, without even aware of it.





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