How an e cigar works

E cigar is an electrical appliance like any other appliance and therefore its functions and technicalities need to be understood before it is bought and used. E cigar comes in various brands sizes and styles an each company will have its own manual, which must be read and strictly followed in order for the cigar to function properly. However, all e cigars share some basic characteristics; all e cigars contain an atomizer, charger, lithium ion battery, and cartridges.

Electric cigars have a built in electrical heating elements, do not require the help of flame to light, and are free of smoke. The liquid cartridge can be replaced multiple times which contains the chemicals that produce the nicotine sensation while the batter is rechargeable therefore the e cigar kit is a onetime investment that can be of long term use.


Atomizer and cartridge:

The vaporization chamber contains the most important constituent of the e cigar,which is the atomizer activated through the inhalation process also the heating elements are attached with the atomizer. The vaporization chamber attached with the cartridges becomes the “cartomizer” which is a combination of atomizer and cartridge and as the atomizer is heated using the heating coil via the battery’s power e liquid turns into harmless vapor, which can be inhaled by the user as an alternative to tobacco- produced smoke.


The largest and most important component in the e cigaris the battery. The battery can beeither rechargeable in case of a regular e cigar or no chargeable in case of disposablee cigar, in which case thedevice is assisted with a power button which is used to activate the device. Disposable cigars are a one-piececonstruction whose all components are built in the cigar and there is no need for a kit containing chargers and other accessories. The new more innovative e cigars come with and electret micro phone to aware the user of the status of the device and inform when it requires charging. An LED light is mostly placed at the bottom of the batter whose job is to indicate whether the device is powered on. Some e cigars are equipped with a voltage control system to make sure the device does not go through a short circuit. Initially, there have been some complaints of the e cigars being caught on fire or burning while place in mouth when unequipped with voltage control elements.

E liquid:

The e liquid is a mixture of chemical components with its most important element being nicotine. Some e liquid cartridges are also nicotine e free for smokers who do not depend on smoking elements due to nicotine cessation. They are mostly manufactured as a mixture of propylene glycol vegetable glycerin or polyethylene glycol however; the mixture can vary company wise. Moreover, the e liquid comes in all flavors such as watermelon, cherry, apple, melon, peach, strawberry, mint, chocolate, and the traditional tobacco flavor to suit varying taste buds of consumers.

Therefore, the knowledge of the various components and the functionality of the devicewill not only make it a healthy but also a safe device to use, which is easy to maintain.


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