E-cigarette accessorizing

The majority of the e cig users out there aren’t aware of the fact that there are tons of gadgets and gizmos available in the market that can improve their smoking experience by taking it to the next level. Yes, this is true. One can actually diversify their initial investment. The starter kit was not the end, there is a wide range of e cig accessories out there from which one can choose from and improve their experience. Accessories, specifically for the 510 models as well as the eGo’s have now been made available in the market.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers have figured out how to combine a love for smoking with health improvement, as well as taste-testing, and most importantly gadgetry into their respective products. Although this might seem quite intriguing, it’s also quite expensive. The following is a list of some of the upgrades, as they are so many they cannot be all covered in one article, but, however, here are the essentials:

Cartridge Accessories

There are quite a few of these currently available in the market and they include drip trips, low resistance cartomizers and CE2 clearomizers. The first and foremost thing that one needs is a drip trip. These can be easily found from almost any vendor and are quite cheap. The metal variety is considered more long lasting and is the one that is bought the most. These drip trips directly connect with one’s atomizer, allowing one to drip through the hollow middle without having to remove anything.

Low resistance cartomizers are basically regular cartomizers, but with a twist. They have the ability to get hot more quickly and produce big clouds of vapor. The only downside to these is that just like the traditional cartomizers, these are disposable, so they have to be replaced. However, this isn’t really a problem as they are quite inexpensive.  The CE2 clearomizers, on the other hand, are a whole new edition to the regular cartomizer. Although they might pose some difficulty when one has to fill them, they are generally worth it. The reason why they have become so popular is that these clear versions allow the user to see how much juice they have got left. Both the clear and the opaque versions allow one to fill more juice into them as compared to the standard cartridges or regular cartomizers. And since there is no filter used in them, they tend to give a cleaner flavor.

Battery and atomizer upgrades

These include a personal charging case, a 510 mega battery, a USB pass through, a LR 306 atomizer and a LR 510 atomizer. A personal charging case gives the benefit of charging a high battery e-cigarette while it’s inside the case. The mega battery obviously is there to give more battery power so that one does not have to charge their e-cigarette again and again. A USB pas through is used to make the e-cigarette run on USB power rather than on battery power. And the atomizer upgrades are just ones that get more hot and produce a ton of vapor.


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