E cigarette Care and Maintenance

E cigarettes are a fast growing choice by smokers as an alternative to smoking a pack a day. Once the initial outlay has been made to purchase the unit, it becomes cheaper to maintain an e cigarette habit as opposed to a traditional pack a day habit. However, it can become quite expensive if the unit needs replacing due to lack of care. Learning how to clean and care for the e cigarette mechanism is an important aspect of being an e smoker.


Main Components


The first thing in e cigarette care to know is what makes up the e cigarette in order to better understand how to care for it. The mechanism is made up of a battery which is activated upon inhalation, or through pressing a button. This battery then activates a chip which in turn activates the atomiser in a liquid nicotine cartridge. The nicotine cartridge is the portion that is disposable and which makes up the bulk of the cost when maintaining an e cigarette. All these components are housed in any number of shells that are available on the market today.


The Importance of Cleaning


Some may believe that the e cigarette mechanism does not require much cleaning and spending money on cleaning kits is unnecessary. However, all the components in an e cigarette contribute to a smooth inhalation and if any one of them does not operate at its best, this affects the overall smoking experience. For example, if there is a build up on the battery, the signal to the atomiser may be delayed or broken. If the damage is irreversible, then replacing the entire unit may be the only option. This is a lot costlier than simply maintaining the unit through regular cleaning.


How to Clean


One is used to simply smoking a cigarette and throwing it away. However, now that the change has been made to an e cigarette, a small amount of maintenance is required. There are a number of kits out there designed to take one through the cleaning process in a quick and effective manner. These kits normally comprise of cotton swabs, alcohol prep pads and T-pins.  Essentially, the cotton swab is used to remove any build up or dust from inside the mechanism, while the alcohol prep pads (or even a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol) will remove any ingrained dirt that does not remove easily. The T-pins are used to remove dirt or build up in any tiny holes within the unit.


While one does not necessarily need to purchase a kit to help maintain the performance of an e cigarette, it is not only convenient but it is also designed for use with e cigarettes and avoids one using the incorrect swabs or alcohols which can end up causing further damage to the mechanism. This small amount of maintenance on a regular basis will not only preserve the life of the e cigarette, but it will also ensure the vapour tastes pleasant for a longer period.


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