E Cigarette Challenges Tobacco Companies

A while back, television commercials regarding the notorious e cigarette started being aired across the US. The commercials highlighted the numerous benefits of smoking these cigarettes along with its unique physical appearance. The commercial basically showed a man puffing an e cigarette and the flame at the end of the tip almost looked real. The man appeared to be completely satisfied and the cigarette seemed highly authentic. However, the smoke was vapor and the ash tip was entirely plastic. Such is the effect of this cigarette which has managed to shake the grounds for the indisputable tobacco industry.
The e cigarette provides the exact sensation and leaves the smoker feeling like it is the real thing. These smokeless cigarettes are a great way to achieve nicotine control as the smokers get to choose the intensity of the cartridge which can start from strong and heads towards mild and eventually low after a short while from the first use. These cigarettes account for less than 1% of the $80 billion US cigarette market but it is just a start as sales are begin to grow rapidly.
Since 2008, the sales for the e-cigs have doubled annually and the number is estimated to hit $1 billion in the year 2013. This staggering increase has put the tobacco companies in shock as they now consider the e cigarette industry their biggest and toughest competitors. In a recent campaign, the e cigarette manufacturers openly challenged the big tobacco companies about taking away their sales as these cigarettes are the future of the smoking industry in all parts of the world.
Many reviews revealed that the consumption of the e cigarette will overtake tobacco cigarettes in the next decade as the demand for these cigarettes has gone to its maximum. Manufacturers have also revealed that they are in process to create the better versions of the e cigarette and technology tends to go fast in the present times. Smokers also believe that these cigarettes will improve and further evolve over time as they serve numerous benefits and will continue to do so in the long run.
According to many medical sources, 69% of smokers worldwide express a strong urge to quit cigarettes for once and all. These smokers have looked for many alternatives like nicotine gums and patches but only have recognized the e cigarette as the best possible alternative in the vast cigarette market.
Tobacco companies have suffered great losses recently due to the growing demand for these cigarettes. It is also because of the fact that many awareness campaigns have done an excellent job in convincing people to quit tobacco cigarettes because of the dreadful effects they leave within the human body. Tobacco cigarettes have always been pricy and the smokers have switched to the e-cigs as they are highly economical for all kinds of people. The biggest setback for the tobacco companies is that their product emits smoke and the odor is almost unbearable. Smokers who have switched to the e cigarette happily revealed that they help them remain fresh and clean.


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