E cigarette equipment

The kits that consist of the equipment of the E cigarette are known as starter kits. Usually the starter kits include everything that is needed for starting. Mostly the new smokers of disposable cigarettes enters into the world of electronic cigarettes by purchasing a disposable cigarette starter kit. The E cigarette starter kits include atomizers also known as customizers for the vaporization of the E liquid present in the E cigarettes, batteries, charging accessories and that much E liquid that can be used for like  two weeks.

There are different types of electronic cigarettes available in the markets. Some are cheaper and some are expensive. Some are of better quality and some are of best quality. Same as the E cigarette starter kits also vary in price and quality. The E cigarette starter kits are of different designs that makes them different from each other. Another quality that makes some E cigarette starter kits better from many is the quality and the number of accessories present in the starter kit. A better quality E cigarette starter kit does not cost more than $60. And these better quality E cigarette starter kit includes:


The re – fill cartridges also known as customizers are included in the electronic cigarette starter kits. These customizers contains the liquid that is used to produce vapor from the E cigarettes. This liquid used in E cigarette is known as E liquid. When the E liquid present in the customizer is exhausted, it should be thrown away and a new customizer should be put in use so that the same level of vapor can be produced from the E cigarette that can satisfy the demand of smoking a cigarette. So, the more the customizers are included in an E cigarette starter kit, the better the E cigarette starter kit is.


Every E cigarette starter kit also includes batteries. But a good electronic cigarette starter kit that costs more than $40 includes a rechargeable battery as well. And the E cigarette starter kits that cost more than $40 includes more than two rechargeable batteries. But it should always keep in mind that the smaller battery always provides less puffs before it is needed to be recharged. As compared to the small sized batteries, the batteries in bigger size provides more puffs and vapor.

USB charger:

All the E cigarette starter kits whether they are cheap or costly always include a USB charger. The USB charger helps in recharging the batteries of the E cigarettes from any computer or laptop’s port. As the E cigarettes are sleeker and smaller, they all are designed to accept the USB charger.

Warranty of the E cigarette starter kits:

There are many E cigarette companies that provide warranty as well. If the accessories included in the electronic cigarette starter kit does not meet the requirement of the people, they can send the starter kit along with each and every accessory back to the company. Many of them also provides the facility of money back guarantee for the comfort level of the people.

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