E-Cigarette FAQs – Answered

E cigarettes are fast rising as the safe and beneficial alternative to a normal tobacco cigarette. Many people now want to learn as much as they can about this innovative technology and have so many questions on the topic. The answers around the internet seem a little unclear and are not properly answered a lot of times. In this article, an attempt has been made to answer the most commonly asked e-cig questions.

How alike are e-cigs and tobacco cigs?

Depending on the supplier, it can be quite like the actual thing and can have similar tastes and looks.  There are even e-cigars so that people who like smoking a Cuban are able to get a taste like the original. When it comes to the taste, however, the difference mostly lies on the type of r-cig one goes for. For example, people who buy disposable e cigarettes will not get as complete and as luxurious a taste as people who buy a truly professional and expensive e-cig. The case is quite like the purchase of a cheap tobacco cig and an expensive one.

Are they safe to consume?

Amongst the most commonly asked questions is whether or not they are safe to consume, especially once compared to a tobacco cigarette. The answer, this time around, is very positive. E-cigs are free from the toxins and tobacco usage that one tends to find (and consume) in a normal tobacco cigarette. In fact, it has been proven through scientific research that e cigarettes are safer to use. Tobacco cigs contain four thousand different toxins, poisons and chemicals. However, a typical e-cig only contains nicotine, vaporized water and flavors. It is a largely accepted fact now that e-cigs are a much better investment than tobacco cigs.

Do they help to quit smoking?

This is a question that a lot of chain smokers tend to pose, especially those who had health scares because they have consumed tobacco cigs for quite a long time. Research has proven that a typical e-cig has as much nicotine in it as a nicotine patch or a nicotine gum – two objects that are very commonly used in typical campaigns that run against smoking. So, even though e cigarettes have not been officiated as objects that help to eliminate smoking habits, they can still help in eliminating the disease if one reduces the use by a small amount every single day.

What are the costs?

As can be expected from anything that boasts of incredible technology and high-tech scientific experiments, e-cigs cost a lot more than a normal tobacco cigarette. However, as the types of e-cigs vary, so do their costs. A disposable e-cig will not cost much and will be relatively more accessible. However, more expensive e cigarettes are electronic cigars, electronic cigarettes that run on a battery and the like. When one includes a kit too, a typical e-cig can cost about $100 or more, depending on the firm and the firm’s brand name.

Are they allowed everywhere?

One of the best things about an e-cig is the fact that it is allowed in most pubs, bars and hotels. A lot of places where a tobacco cigarette is banned, e-cigs are mostly welcomed. However, it will be better to confirm from the staff beforehand.


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