E Cigarette has Threatened Tobacco Company Business

The E Cigarette market is still new in the economy but it is making quick progress in terms of sales and popularity. It cannot be said yet that a major number of traditional cigarette smokers have shifted to electronic cigarette, but many people who have tried it and know its benefits, say that they aren’t going back to the tobacco. This is so because the e cigarettes perform all the functions of a traditional cigarette when we talk about show off or a smoker’s psychological satisfaction. But it does not carry the harms that the traditional cigarette does to the body.

There are several E Cigarette selling companies and pretty successful ones too. One company has become so popular that around 100,000 people are using their e cigs. And the turnover in revenue that they are getting is close to six million pounds. But still the company believes that they have only seen the tip of the iceberg. That being said means that they intend to capture a much larger chunk of the market. This off course would hurt the tobacco cigarette manufacturers a lot.

Although it seems a far future event that tobacco companies would lose their sales because of the availability of E Cigarette to people, but there is a high chance for this to happen. For now, the traditional tobacco cigarettes have their place up high in the hearts and minds of people who smoke. But gradually this attitude seems changing. There are two categories of people who are using e cigarettes. One includes the people who have to use it because of banned tobacco use and the other includes the people who want to use it either to try or to the new thing or to quit smoking for good.

E Cigarette,will no time soon over take tobacco business, but the popularity of this sort clearly has raised the eyebrows of tobacco companies. There is a fair chance that one day tobacco companies would also break their convention to introduce E Cigarette into the market under their brand. Looking at the fact that e cigs have been a great success and the reviews about them have been a big yes. There are tobacco cigarette producing companies who have already invested in the electronic cigarette business of Britain. This makes it clear that a major change is about to occur and tobacco companies have their concerns with the growing popularity of e cigarettes.

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