E-cigarette marketing ideas and tips

E-cigarette market has grown by manifolds, there are reasons behind its sudden increase in market share and success. One of the biggest reason is its health friendly feature, where chain smokers get the satisfaction of bringing down cravings of smoking yet being unaffected with the negative attributes of tobacco. Many people have thus invested in the business of either manufacturing or marketing e-cig and its related products, and are also benefitting with its lucrative niche and opportunities present. For some of the new venturists who are keen to learn the best marketing tips for e-cig, this space features some of the widely applied ideas and successful results yielding tips-


1) Endorsement by famous celebrities-


Targeting audiences and making a fad popular, this act is done best by paying for endorsement by famous personalities who have a strong fan base following. As people portray and imitate hair styles, apparel and other fashion statements made by celebrities, similarly fans also follow what celebrities endorse in drinks, edible and other related items. E-cig consumption has also increased since pictures of celebrities have been posted on the internet using the product.


2) Free sampling and event presence-


By making the presence prominent in events such as concerts and other places where target audiences would be present in large numbers either free sampling or promotional activities can be done. This increases the outreach and also promotes the product and increases sales on the spot. Free sampling can also be done in University drives or company events. If not free sampling then testers can be put up that give the people chance to puff and experience what vaping is all about.


3) Conduct information seminars and workshops-


Many people are resistant towards the idea of switching to e-cig as these may be very addict to the conventional cigarettes. With the introduction of workshops and seminars, the health benefits in terms of avoidance of bacteria related issues with tobacco of conventional smokes and also the ease of not buying cigarettes again and again, e-cig sales can be magnified. It has been proven that once these seminars are conducted, people become more eager to try out the new convention and see how it resolves addiction problems and benefits the health with cutting off tobacco.


4) Advertisements parallel to conventional cigarettes-


When seen on the media, may it be electronic, print or social, cigarette smokers are seen manly or macho and are shown to have strong, executive personalities. This portrayal of conventional smokers may be true, but positioning e-cig advertisements parallel to this image is also important. If it is done targeted in the same way, the macho audience would take e cigarettes as a lighter and more feminine smoking experience and would not want to experiment and try out what the experience of vaping is all about. Therefore, ads that are focused on men and women both should be made so as to successfully cater to all target audiences and increase sales as per desire. This tactic has proved to increase sales of many successful e-cig brand.


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