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Newly launched electronic devices usually have a lot to bear when it comes to reviews about them. The reason is that people sometimes expect a bit too much from them as they think that a new technology needs to have Godly features. But as this is not the case, so usually one can find a lot of bad reviews about such products. The E cigarette has been introduced not long ago in the market and they have been used in a number of millions since then. E cigarette has been given both good and bad reviews by the users and analysts that are detailed as below.

Many people once wished to quit smoking but they found the habit too sticky to get rid of. Due to this reason they had been smoking while waiting for a revolutionary thing to be introduced. E cigarette has been named a successful device that has helped several people in quitting smoking. Although the number of quitters has not reached millions as yet but it is headed there. Those smokers who have shifted to e liquid usage feel satisfied that their bad habit will not kill them one day.

Another great thing that has caused an appreciation for the E cigarette is the health effecting factor. They have no bad effects on health as they give the user a choice to decide whether he wants to use a nicotine containing one or plain. The smoke is non hazardous, there is no ash involved and everything is simply electronic for an E cigarette.The varieties of flavors in which they have been introduced are also appreciated by the users. There is a full range of e cigarettes available in low, medium, high and even very high nicotine density. A buyer can choose from the range and he can also choose the desired flavor for himself. E cigarette has an advantage of being a medical instrument as it helps people to quit smoking. This makes its place high in minds of users.

But there are some people who have some reservations of e cigarettes and their usage. The very first reservation comes from people who would count the cash after every five minutes from their wallet. They say that it costs too much for anyone to buy. A normal E cigarette packet can cost from $60 to $150 that indeed is way more than what a tobacco cigarette costs. Furthermore, the maintenance sometimes gets a bit expensive as the flavor cartridges need to be replaced in an E cigarette once they get emptied. For economy some people buy the liquid rather than the cartridge which brings down the cost to some extent. Some other people say that they are reluctant to use e cigarettes as they have not yet been certified with FDA and they carry some rumors of being hazardous to health. If the overall response over the introduction of this device is looked at, we can say that people have appreciated the launch as E cigarette comes in front as an alternative to more hazardous tobacco cigarette.

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