E-Cigarettes 101

There has been considerable debate over the fact that whether electronic cigarettes are safer than the traditional tobacco ones or whether they are just a new high-tech way of making the new generations pick up a new nicotine habit. The answer however has not been found yet.

The research into the effects of an e cigarette is still lagging behind the popularity of these innovative new electronic devices. Though one thing is for sure that the era of the e cigarette is here and it is here for good. And this is the time to get one’s self fully informed about these new products.

 How E-Cigarettes Work

An e cigarette appearance wise looks like the real thing. Their tip glows when one inhales or takes a puff. And when one exhales one puffs out a cloud that looks exactly like smoke. That is actually a vapor that is quite similar to the fog that one is able to see at rock shows.

Every e cigarette works the same way. There is a battery inside, a cartridge that contains liquids and flavorings as well as nicotine and then there is a heating element. The costs and features though vary from device to device. And they are available in both disposable as well as rechargeable ones with refill cartridges. When one uses an electronic cigarette, the process is called vaping.

The nicotine that is held by the cartridges is addictive in nature. If one were to stop using them they would experience withdrawal symptoms like irritability, depression, restlessness and anxiety. People with heart problems should avoid them as they may prove to be dangerous for them. So far however, it has been suggested by evidence that e cigs may be safer than regular ones. The biggest danger of the traditional tobacco ones is probably the smoke and e cigs don’t burn. It has been shown by tests that the dangerous chemical levels that e cigs give off are actually a fraction of what a real cigarette gives off though what they contain may vary sometimes.

A fierce debate has been triggered among the experts of health regarding e cigarettes as they have the same goal – reducing the amount of deaths and disease that is caused by tobacco. However, there is still disagreement among them as to whether the e cigs make the problem better or worse.

The opponents are of the view that since nicotine is addictive; e cigs are looked upon as a kind of a gateway drug and so it leads teens and nonsmokers to start using tobacco. Also, they are of the view that since manufacturers have become overly enthusiastic with their advertising, and all the celebrity endorsements, this may lead to smoking becoming popular again. This would reverse all of the decades of progress of making people quit or never even take up the smoking habit.

Supporters on the other hand have the belief that e cigs have the ability to help people in quitting the smoking habit just like the nicotine gum.


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