E-cigarettes: A safer smoke experience

The number of smokers in the world is increasing to an immensely scary level. By comparison to 1980’s the amount smokers in the world have increased from 721 million people to 967 million people till 2012. Not only this but the number of cigarettes smoked have also been increased from 4.96 trillion to 6.25 trillion. This is a very surprising amount and extremely horrifying figures that leave you shocked. But though this amount is shocking, the fact that almost 80% of smokers want to quit and 60% of those people have tried to quit at least once in their life, offers some sort of relief. To help these people to quit smoking and also to decrease the amount of smokers in this word the people of china came up with the idea of an Electrical cigarette or an E-cigarette.

E-cigarettes look almost exactly like regular tobacco cigarettes, except that the end of the E-cigarettes glow as they are being inhaled. The smoke that you puff out is actually vapors. All types of E-cigarettes work in the same sort of way. On the inside of the cigarette there is a cartilage, a battery and a heating element. The cartilage has the flavors, nicotine and other liquids in it. As smoking a regular cigarette is called smoking, just like that using an E-cigarette is called Vaping.

Though they all work the same way by there are some features that are found in some E-cigarettes but are missing in others, due to this the price of all of the E-cigarettes are not the same. Like some E-cigarettes are disposable or some of them may contain a battery can be charged or a cartilage that can be refilled once finished.

The cartilages have nicotine inside of them and as every single person knows nicotine is addictive. When a person stops using an E-cigarette, some withdrawal symptoms might be faced, such as, depression, restlessness, irritation or anxiousness. This can be fatal for people that have heart problems and also this may harm a person’s arteries over the course of a few years. Even after such harmful effects, it is still shown by research that E-cigarettes are a lot safer than regular cigarettes. The biggest danger that a regular cigarette has is the smoke that comes from burnt tobacco and paper, but, E-cigarettes do not have anything burning inside of them. After a lot of experiments and research done on this, the test result shows that the number of dangerous chemicals in E-cigarettes is far lesser than in regular cigarettes. They may seem less harmful but the long term effects of this are still very unclear along with the fact that nothing about their second hand exposure is known.

There has been so much debate on E-cigarettes between health experts who may have the same goal, decreasing the number of diseases and deaths caused by tobacco, but are in an argument over the fact if E-cigarettes are making the problem better or are just making it worse.


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