E Cigarettes Are Safe from Cardiac Diseases

E cigarettes basically cause the same sensation and effect as smoking does. However, instead of the normal smoke, these cigarettes produce vapors. The whole device mainly consists of a battery, cartridge and a mouthpiece. The cartridge mainly contains liquid which heats up in order to create vapors to be inhaled and exhaled subsequently by smokers. Experts from all around the world have examined this modern day life saving device and given a verdict that it does not harms the human body the way tobacco cigarettes do. E cigarettes do not contain much toxic substances and are generally free from all kinds of dreadful chemicals which lead the pathway for diseases like cancer to enter within the human body. Nicotine is the harmful chemical used in the tobacco cigarettes and in highly addictive. Studies revealed that even if e cigarettes were used for a straight 12 months, it still would not be enough to match the amount of nicotine consumed by the tobacco cigarette smokers in their daily routine.
Heart diseases are one of the main causes of cigarette smoking. Over 40% of deaths are caused by the coronary artery disease alone and the results keep getting worse. Medical professionals have conducted many experiments regarding the effects of e cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes on the human heart. The results revealed that tobacco smoking produces defects within the heart in a short period of time while e cigarettes are mild and therefore, no damage is caused. The need to smoke already was present in the smokers before conducting the experiments and the main thing was to test the results of the users of the e cigarettes. Experienced users of this device were studied as they were more familiar with it the first time users. A shocking number of 44% of the users of e cigarettes had an immensely higher lifetime exposure to smoking tobacco in comparison with the tobacco cigarette smokers.
Various liquids of these cigarettes were also tested in order to see their short and long term effects on the human heart and body. They were 30% better than the ones compared to the tobacco cigarettes. Laboratory experiments have also been conducted by numerous professionals in order to check whether these cigarettes damage an organ of the body. Tobacco cigarette users suffer from myocardial dysfunction whereas the users of the e cigarettes transmit no such disorders or diseases in the short or long term.
Tobacco cigarettes are also known to cause high blood pressure and unstable heart rate. This has caused many cigarette users to spend sleepless nights and also encounter various situations where they are unable to breathe properly. The high blood pressure is caused by the high nicotine content present in almost all tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes are entirely free of all the cardiac problems and smokers from all around the world are slowly starting to switch towards them in order to attain a happy and healthy future in the long run since laboratory analysis confirms the fact that they are do not contain toxic.


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