E Cigarettes are worth the money as they are a onetime investment

Many people raise questions about the high prices of E cigarettes and that how can they be effective if they are not within the purchasing power of a common user. The answer to that is simple, an e cigarette is a onetime investment that lasts long and saves several other expenses. A regular packet of E cigarettes comes for about $50 to $120 that is pretty pricey. It is nowhere near the cheap rates of a regular tobacco cigarette. Survey tells that most of the smokers globally are addicted to the tobacco cigarettes as they are cheaper and serve the utility of addiction. Amongst the smokers, there are a larger number of people who are living on or under the line of poverty.
Keeping this in mind, buying and using E cigarettes does not seems being affordable for the average smoker. What more is that it costs money to the user while maintenance as well. The cartridges are often expensive if they are purchased in a good quality; the cigarettes require being charged tat costs electricity. And above all of these facts, the E cigarettes once worn out or damaged need to be replaced and for that the user needs to buy another.
But there is a catch; there is no doubt that E cigarettes are expensive but they serve a lot larger a purpose. One can use the common sense to find that a tobacco cigarette is made of nothing more than just a piece of paper, a little filter and some hazardous poison named tobacco. On the contrary, the E cigarettes are a lot more complex and expensive to make. Another reason for them being expensive is that they are new in the market and this makes their marketing ever more expensive. For this reason, the manufacturers have to sell these on higher prices.
Almost every smoker knows that he will have to pay the price of addiction one day in the form of doctor charges and surgeries. If someone fall a prey to lung cancer; then the expense reaches to thousands of dollars in order to recover the patient. For this reason, many people prefer dying of cancer gradually rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the purpose of recovery. By simply using E cigarettes first up, one can prevent these diseases and the expense there after eventually. This is a simple mathematics that one can calculate for oneself whether it s better to spend a few hundred dollars on purchasing E cigarettes or to spend hundreds of thousands in curing the hazardous diseases and bearing them as well.
People should understand the fact that in an attempt to buy the cheaper alternative for smoking they are actually risking a lot more money as compared to the money spent in buying E cigarettes. So it can be concluded that people can always spend some bucks initially so they do not have to spend thousands in the future. This way there is no loss in purchasing E cigarettes that save both health and expense.


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