Why E-Cigs are Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

E cigarettes have quickly risen to the forefront in the past five or six years are quickly becoming known as the newest innovation in the health industry. They have practically taken over the smoking industry. The fact that many scientists are also backing up the research and the impressive statistics has actually proven to be even more advantageous for the industry. Many professionals with years of experience with smoking and lungs are recommending people to switch to e-smoking because they say that their entire benefits are a lot more than an ordinary cigarette’s. They have cited many reasons for these suggestions and here are a few of them.

One of the biggest reasons, apart from the obvious one coming in the next paragraph, are the financial benefits that one will inevitable take advantage of when one switches to e-smoking. For smokers who continue to hold on to smoking a traditional cigarettes have to buy a new one every single day. Chain smokers are in an even greater dilemma since they often run through many cigarette packs a day and greatly waste their money on a bad habit. With e cigarettes, one can purchase the device, along with its entire case (batteries, flavors and vapors etc.) at one point in time and spend about a hundred dollars. After that, they will not have to spend even a dime on buying cigarettes for two or three years.

The second most obvious benefit of e cigarettesis the health benefit that people can reap. It is now a very commonly known fact the e-cigs are healthier and safer to consume than the average cig and is even considered to be better for the environment. There has been a radical increase in the number of celebrities who have joined the roster and are participating in the e-smoking movement. The evidence can easily be seen in award ceremonies where the e-cig frequently makes an appearance. Tobacco cigs can cause plenty of heart diseases, cancers, psychological problems and many other unhealthy diseases. Thus, by switching to these tobacco free gadgets, one is buying themselves a longer and healthier life.

E cigarettes are also considered to be free of offensive odors that people are quite averted from in normal tobacco cigarettes. When one smokes an old cig, they often have the most unacceptable and ridiculous smell that practically clings to everything they own – their clothes, their bed sheets, their towels and the like. However, e-cigs ensure this does not happen by making sure that no such offensive odor is created in the first place. In fact, some e-cigs actually are designed to produce a scented aroma that the average person will actually find attractive. Thus, this is an added benefit of the gadget.

Moreover, e cigarettes are considered to be more socially acceptable than a normal tobacco cigarette. During the time when e-cigs were not considered to be that popular and people were still clinging on to the use of regular cigs, many smokers found out that they were not publically welcomed in many places and people seems to look at them with disrespectful eyes.

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