E Cigarettes – Are they Eco-friendly?

Electronic cigarettes have been the topic of constant debates ever since they were created not too long ago. It goes without saying that these cigarettes have managed to bring the downfall of the tobacco industry in a short period of time. Where many people still smoke the traditional cigarettes, more than half of the smoking population of the world have switched or are planning to switch to the famous e cigarettes. The fact that these cigarettes are a safer alternative for smoking is quite true simply because they are free of harmful chemicals which exist in abundance in the traditional cigarettes.

Highly Promoted by Environment Activists & Organizations

Since people can be seen to be more and more health conscious in the present times, it can be safely said that that are rather environmental friendly as well. Campaigns for promoting the e cigarettes as eco -friendly can be seen almost anywhere and everywhere. These cigarettes are not harmful for the external environment at all unlike the traditional cigarettes which release a lot of hideous smoke that even allows people around them to indulge in passive smoking. Environment activists have encouraged smokers to switch to the e cigarettes and exceptional results have been witnessed ever since.

The Complete Absence of Smoke

When it comes to the important matter of proving the fact that the electronic cigarettes are eco-friendly, one of the most important things to notice is the fact that they are smoke-less. Smoke tends to pollute the external environment on a large scale in different parts of the world, which is why people are banned from smoking cigarettes in public almost everywhere in the world. The e cigarettes do not emit any smoke and due to the very fact, they can be smoked anywhere and everywhere. Not only does this make them environment friendly but it also makes them better for the smokers as they can be smoked anytime.

Zero Odor & Tar

What’s more is that the e cigarettes are also odorless and tar-less, and that tends to give all the more reason to people for buying them in the long run. Due to the fact that these cigarettes do not contaminate the environment with their hideous odor, unlike the traditional cigarettes, many people can be seen to be highly interested in switching over to the e cigarettes in order to change the course of their lives forever. Smoking these cigarettes enables people to acquire a healthier lifestyle and also helps them in saving money as these cigarettes are cheaper in comparison.

Elimination of Second Hand Smoke

An essential thing to always remember is the fact that the e cigarettes are undoubtedly not a source of second hand smoke. Traditional cigarettes are responsible for second hand smoke, which is exactly why they are banned in the first place. Because the e cigs are free from that issue, smokers have been given the complete access to smoke them almost anywhere they prefer in public areas which include restaurants, parks, airports, offices, hotels and much more. The e cig industry continues to grow rapidly through every passing day and it will not be long before the number of electronic cigarette smokers reach up to a billion.


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