E cigarettes and the Environment

Scientific research, the attention given to e cigarettes and celebrity exposure have all proven that e-cigs are better for the environment than a lot of other smoking alternatives, including the tobacco smoke. However, what many people do not know is that e-cigs are also beneficial for the environment and helps reduce air pollution that was caused by smoking from a cigarette. If there are people out there who are thinking to switching to e-cigs, they must congratulate themselves when they do because they will also be indirectly helping the environment. Read on to learn more about this topic and the specified benefits.


There are disposable e cigarettes that are to be used only once. Once they have been consumed, they are usually thrown away. However, the more common form of e-cigs is the one that is rechargeable and can be reused several times.  This is the device that is particularly beneficial. This is because it reduces the waste that was inevitably caused by e cigarettes and their usage. Moreover, the raw materials that are used to construct an electronic cigarette will be less commonly used as their life is so long that their average demand is actually lower than that of tobacco cigarettes that cannot be re-consumed and are a perishable commodity.

No Ash

There is absolutely no cigarette ash to worry about when one smokes with the help of an electronic cigarette. Sine there is absolutely nothing inside the e cigarette that burns, there is no consequent ash that would otherwise be created. So, there is an inherent reduction in the amount of waste produced once again. It may also help with the longevity of other, surrounding objects. For example, the carpets that usually suffered irreparable damage when ash fell on them, will now be able to last a little longer. The e-cig only produces a steam that vapors out when the liquid nicotine inside the device evaporates.


Basically, the use of e cigarettes highly promotes the fact the amount of air pollution that people have to suffer from every day is reduced to lesser amounts. This is because the smoke that is created by the consumption of tobacco cigarettes is extremely dangerous for the environment due to its elements. This air pollution will ultimately go on to damage the precious ozone layer that has greatly faded away at particular parts. Even though it is true that one smoker’s smoke may not amount to much, the total amount of smoke that people all over the world produce has the potential of damaging the environment. E-cigs, on the other hand, do not burn or use tobacco and so, the smoke they produce is actually a steamed vapor that is not as harmful to the environment.


Other environmental benefits may include the fact that passive smokers become less vulnerable from e cigarettes’ smoke, just as the actual smoker becomes safer. Batteries produce lesser garbage than a small, easily thrown away cigarette that has tobacco in it. In fact, many e-cig producers actually give instruction on how to properly dispose of or throw away an e-cig that has stopped working.


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