E-Cigarettes; a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking


The E-Cigarettes were invented by Chinese, aiming to reduce the prevailing consumption of tobacco cigarettes. They are also known as ‘Smoke-less Cigarettes’ because they do not produce harmful smoke equivalent to that produced by the original cigarettes. Rather, they tend to produce vapors that are safer to consume, as they do not even carry traces of tobacco.

These technological e-cigarettes come in various designs, sizes and different flavors as well.

Shape and Size of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are mostly seen in cylindrical form, but they are also available in box and pipe style. However, their most common shape is similar to the conventional tobacco cigarettes. Some of them even tend to look like ballpoint pens.

Types of E-cigarettes

There are three main types of E-Cigarettes (or Vaporizers):

  • Disposable, or non-rechargeable E-Cigarettes
  • A rechargeable E-Cigarette, which has replaceable cartridges
  • A rechargeable E-Cigarette with a tank that need to be filled with liquid nicotine

Each of these E-Cigarettes have further two types:

  • Automatic E-Cigarettes:

As the name illustrates, this type of E-Cigarette automatically activates the heating element that is built within it, as the user sucks through the mouthpiece. The heating element then vaporizes the solution, and converts it into vapor. The concentration of nicotine can be varied according to the user’s choice.

  • Manual E-Cigarettes:

A small button is build within the manual e-cigarette that switches on or off the heating element. An additional component, LED, indicates whether the heating element is activated or not.

Features of E-Cigarettes

The main features of E-Cigarettes are listed below:

  • A heating element
  • A battery
  • A cartilage
  • Electronic Sensor
  • E-Liquid

How does the E-Cigarette work?

An E-Cigarette is operated via a rechargeable battery that heats up the heating element. This heating element then converts the e-liquid into vapors. The consumer inhales this vapor which resembles to the original smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes. The flavor and even the concentration of this flavor are adjustable.

Why to go for E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes are considered as cleaner and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The reasons listed below somehow satisfy this statement.

  • E-Cigarettes do not carry any sort of harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide and tar that are the basic components of tobacco cigarettes.
  • E-Cigarette does not produce any sort of fire, ash and even smoky smell.
  • Some consumers have reviewed that E-Cigarettes have made their sense of taste and smell sharper. They also claim that by using this device they have improved their sleep. However, the most alluring response given by these consumers is that it has helped them to reduce their ‘smoker’s cough’.
  • It is good for chain smokers, as it may help them to reduce the consumption of regular tobacco intake. Although, they may not be able to completely quit it, but they can surely reduce its consumption.
  • E-Cigarettes actually provide safer and limited access to nicotine. Moreover, the nicotine that E-Cigarettes use is synthetic, which is considered to be less harmful.


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