Why were e cigarettes invented?

Cigarettes were formally manufactured in 2007 and therefore are relatively new and a lot of people are unaware of their use. People have suffered from the habit of smoking and many disease and deaths have been associated with it. In America, one out of five people die of smoking related diseases. The smoking related diseases urged the health care researchers to focus on making a smoking element that would rid people of tobacco related diseases.


Cancer was the main problem related with smoking, as people who smoke are vulnerable to throat, lung, acute myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, cancer of the esophagus, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer etc. The cancer causing carcinogens present in normal tobacco cigarettes are not present in the e cigarette

Smoking is also a major cause of hypertension, insomnia and other psychological problems as well.


In women, smoking has resulted to be very dangerous, as it has resulted in infertility in women. Women who smoke too much as a result end up damaging their organs, which are used in reproduction. Moreover, smoking can cause many problems during and after birth. Stillbirth is a common factor as many mothers who are unable to quit smoking during pregnancy end up giving birth to dead babies and many babies who managed to survive are born very weak and feeble. Moreover, it can also cause pre term delivery that can be dangerous for both the child and the mother and sudden infant death syndrome is also common in pregnant mothers who smoke during pregnancy. E cigarette can save many infants and mothers from tobacco related diseases

Heart diseases:

Heart diseases are the most common problems related with smoking. The tobacco cigarette narrows the blood vessels and leads to the blockage of blood vessels. The blood supply I s stopped in the capillaries. Peripheral vascular disease is a common disease caused which is the obstruction of the arteries in the limbs and arms .The swelling and weakening of the artery is caused due to smoking this happens in the aorta that passes through the abdomen. Smoking causes excessive pulmonary stress, which can lead to stroke and cardiac arrest in the end. Ecigarette on the other hand causes no damage to the heart and the European society of cardiology stated that it could save the lives of four out of eight million people that can die of tobacco related diseases.

E cigarette releases no smoke therefore; they are also safe for the environment and do not cause any harm to bystanders near smokers. E cigarettes were the need of the hour when invented in the 60s and formally manufactured in 2007. Research and statistical data collected from it has proved that e cigarette saves lives. The invention of e cigarette was important and many people have now switched to the e cigarette to save themselves from deadly diseases nowadays. The skepticism and question raised by authorities such as WHO and FDA will resolve in time once more research is produced.


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