E-Cigarettes Knock Customary Cigarettes Out of the Market

E-cigarettes have quickly gone on to snatch away the smoking market from traditional cigarettes. Scientists and health experts have backed the electronic innovations, saying that their benefits far outweigh those of traditional cigarettes. The fact that they have almost no tobacco in them has also increased its many health benefits and consequently, non-smokers have become even more tolerant of them. Electronic cigs are, thus, far more preferable to traditional cigarettes – and here is way.

Less Costly

Even though the initial cost of getting an electronic smoking kit may be far more than just buying an ordinary tobacco cigarette, the long-term costs are very convenient. Chain smokers, specifically, will benefit a lot from the cost savings offered by e-cigarettes. Research shows that smokers can save up to fifty percent if they opt for e-cigs as opposed to tobacco cigs. The taxes on electronic cigarettes are much lower. Traditional cigarettes have taxes slapped upon them that increase the actual price by twenty to thirty percent. Ash-trays, lighters and/or match-sticks also add to the costs. Electronic cigs, on the other hand, only include battery costs.

Health reasons

It is now a very commonly known point that e-cigarettes are much healthier and safer than customary cigarettes are. This fact is proven by the increase in the number of celebrities – movie stars and musicians – who are opting for electronic smoking. The people whose foremost goal is to look and feel healthy have taken up electronic cigs because they are safer. However, it is a well-known fact that tobacco smokes are amongst the main causes of heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, lung and throat cancers. Opting for electronic smokes will reduce the chances of all these risky health problems, if not eliminating them altogether.

No Offensive Odor

Traditional cigarettes burn tobacco, tar and a number of other harmful chemicals, when they are lit. This creates a very nasty smell that clings to nearly every single thing that it touches. Smokers have often complained that they never really can escape from the offensive scent that holds on to their clothes, faces and even their hair. However, e-cigarettes do not create that horrible scent. The vapor that one exhales while going for an e-cig evaporates as soon as it is let out. In fact, many people have actually said that e-cigs smell sweet and carry a scent that they like.

Socially Acceptable

Electronic cigarettes are far more acceptable socially than tobacco-filled smokes. Traditional cigarettes are still viewed with much more dislike than e-cigarettes are. Some places which ban smoking often allow visitors to smoke if they are carrying an electronic smoke with them. In general, e-cig smokers will have a lot more freedom to smoke than tobacco smokers do. It is very rare for non-smokers to approve of smoking. However, if they see a person smoking an electronic cigarette as opposed to a cheap, harmful and dangerous traditional cig, they are likely to be more accepting of the smoker. E-smoking will also have lesser repercussions for passive smokers – so, this also offers protection to the smoker’s family, especially the children that they house.



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