E-Cigarettes: A safe alternative?

Everyone knows smoking cigarettes is extremely bad for health. It is a well known addiction that often leads to death. But, despite this well known fact, over 1 billion people, being over 18, smoke cigarettes. But 80% of the people have said that they want to quit this deadly habit and almost more than half of these people have tried to quit. In a desperate attempt to lessen this increasing number, people of china developed E-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes (Electrical cigarettes) look exactly like normal cigarettes but they are battery operated. Here’s how they work: liquid containing nicotine is heated and it turns into a vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled just like normal cigarette smoke. They are tobacco free products and need no matches or lighters to light it up. They run on a lithium battery which, when the cigarette is puffed the battery heats up the liquid and turn it into a vapor. If the battery is regularly charged, the cigarettes can be used again and again. Most E-cigarettes come with a USB charger, just like phones. But you do need to refill the cartilage or buy a new one as the liquid finishes. Smokers who smoke a pack a day spend almost 1000$ per year to satisfy the nicotine craving they have. But E-cigarettes cost 30-100$, depending on the product being bought and its model, also including the cost of the cartilage, E-cigarettes cost about 600$ per year and they also satisfy a regular smoker.

The effects of regular cigarettes are not only for the people who smoke, but also people who do not smoke have died due to the exposure from the exhaled smoke (known as passive smoking). The nicotine in E-cigarettes is also real but after research it was shown that the nicotine exhaled from e-cigarettes is 10 times less than the nicotine exhaled from regular cigarettes.

Almost 1 out of five smokers have tried E-cigarettes. But the question is, are they safe? Obviously manufacturers claim that E-cigarettes are a safe alternative to regular cigarettes but the food and drug administration (FDA) looked deeply into their safety and questioned it. The FDA took two popular E-cigarette brands and analyzed them. In these cigarettes they found amounts of nicotine and toxic chemicals. They also contained a substance known as carcinogens that causes cancer. The liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco. But when absorbed through skin, not much is needed for it to be extremely dangerous, almost a tablespoon of the liquid is sufficient to kill a fully grown adult. Also, despite the claims of having no nicotine, after a lot of testing, a low amount of nicotine was found in the liquids that can be near fatal. Lung cancer is highly common in smokers. A high number of smokers are diagnosed of lung cancer. This problem is also present in E-cigarettes. The people who use them are reported to have lung failures. Due to this the FDA issued a warning because of the health risks in E-cigarettes.




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