E-cigarettes- To smoke or not to smoke

An e cigarette has both an upside as well as a downside. This article will be looking at the two so as to decipher whether smoking or taking up e cigarettes is a wise choice or not.

The Upside

The use of an e cigarette is not prohibited in public places unlike that of other tobacco products. Research is also backing up the use of these electronic devices:

In a case study that involved about forty smokers that were dependent on tobacco, researchers found out that smoking an e cigarette reduced their desire to smoke, after having abstained from smoking overnight. It was also tolerated nicely and in a pharmacological manner was treated more as a Nicorette inhaler than regular tobacco.

In one such other study involving fifty smokers who willingly wanted to diminish the health risks that come along with smoking, it was concluded that one particular brand of an e cigarette decreased the consumption of cigarettes quite dramatically, without having caused any withdrawal symptoms. Also, when this particular brand was smoked, it was noted that the nicotine levels in the blood of the users remained quite stable. Besides raising the carbon monoxide levels in the blood, this brand had no other adverse effects.

In another study, an e cigarette was concluded to have helped 3 study participants, all of which has a history of repeated failed attempts at quitting smoking using professional smoking cessation methods. They actually got around to quit smoking and also remained abstinent for almost half a year.

The Downside


If one considers themselves to be a savvy consumer, them before actually buying a product, they should scrutinize both positive and negative aspects of it. With regard to this, the e cigarette is no exception. So this is what the research says about the negative effects of these devices:

A paper published on Tobacco Control in the year 2010, suggested that e cigarettes do not have the important regulatory factors like proper labeling, important health warnings, safe disposable methods as well as clear cut instructions about their usage. The people behind the study also exposed that a few of the cartridges of e cigarettes had leakage problems, which in turn may lead to toxic nicotine exposure.

In the December issue of CHEST in the year 2011, a study was published that claimed that after smoking them for just five minutes, e cigarettes tend to cause acute pulmonary effects, though they may not seem of any clinical importance. Within the duration of this said study, about forty healthy people( ten controlled and 30 experimental) who were non smokers  were asked to smoke the e cig adlib for about five minutes. The controlled group smoked them without the nicotine cartridges while the experimental group did the exact opposite. And the result was that just smoking them for 5 minutes led to an increase in impedance, oxidative stress in the lungs of the healthy participants and increase in the peripheral airway flow resistance.

So weighing out the pros and the cons is up to one, they should decide for themselves whether to smoke or not to smoke.


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