E Cigarettes – The Socially Approved Smoking Alternative

Individuals who smoke and even those who don’t are still aware of the electronic cigarettes which were created a couple of years ago in order to help people in quitting smoking within a short period of time. After the unsuccessful results of other smoking alternatives such as nicotine patches and nicotine gums, the e cigarettes surely managed to trigger the attention of millions of people worldwide. Even famous celebrities these days are smoking them, simply because they are no threat to the human body. Traditional cigarettes, on the other hand, are quite lethal since not only are they addictive but they are also contain thousands of chemicals which enter the bloodstream of the human body as soon as the smokers smoke them.

Positively Accepted by the General Public

The main idea behind e cigarettes was obviously to help smokers in quitting the habit; however, these cigarettes come with a lot of other benefits which are hard to ignore. An important thing to focus on is the social status of the e cigarettes which tends to be improving through every passing day. This is because of the fact that the whole idea and the concept of these cigarettes are being perceived positively by the smoker population as well as the general public in different countries of the world. Not only has this allowed the e cig industry to acquire higher revenues but it has also enabled it to generate goodwill amongst the general public everywhere.

Allowed in Public Areas

Traditional cigarettes are banned in public due to the fact that they encourage passive smoking. Passive smoking can be a hazard for the health since it tends to act as second hand smoke which the people around the smokers inhale. However, the e cigarettes do not give any such threat as they are smokeless and odorless, for good. Because of this exceptionally spectacular quality, individuals are permitted to smoke e cigarettes almost everywhere in the world. This includes both residential and commercial areas since there is absolutely no risk of passive smoking or damaging the external environment. Now smokers can relax and smoke their electronic cigarettes freely in hotels, offices, cinemas, restaurants, parks and many other places where otherwise, they are forbidden.

100% Environment Friendly

It is a widely known fact that smoke tends to contaminate the overall environment around us. It contributes massively to air pollution which is increasing through every passing day in various countries of the world. E cigarettes are generally accepted by the public because they do not in any way harm the external environment since they do not contain smoke. Smokers rather indulge in ‘vaping’, which is the way to smoke electronic cigarettes. Go green and eco-friendly organizations and activists can be seen to be promoting the use of the exclusive electronic cigarettes these days because they are much better in comparison with traditional cigarettes in terms of both personal and social matters. Therefore, all those who suffer from the bad habit of traditional cigarettes are recommended to switch to e cigarettes at the earliest convenience since it is the latest worldwide trend and undoubtedly the best alternative for smoking.


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