E- Cigarettes- Tool for Smoking Cessation

Technology has progressed to a point where cigarettes are being used in order to help people quit smoking. Yes, this is true! E- cigarettes also known as ‘ecigs’ are now being used by people who want to quit cigarette smoking but find it difficult due to an increased addiction to it.

Similar to cigarettes, E- cigarettes have the same long and slim body which the customer can totally relate to but the mechanism for nicotine delivery is not even close to similarity.


Differences in traditional and E- cigarettes:

- Mechanism:

A traditional cigarette has a filter in its butt which filters out the inhaled nicotine. The cigarette is lit at the front and the tobacco burns to satisfy the user’s addiction.

Contrary to this mechanism, E- cigarettes have a cartridge filled with nicotine liquid which is converted to vapour in the atomizer. The LED in the E- Cigarette resembles the flame in the traditional cigarette.

- Inhalation:

There is no direct inhalation of nicotine in case of E- cigarettes unlike the traditional cigarettes.

The smoke released from the traditional cigarettes harms the smoker as well as the passive smokers i.e. the people sitting nearby increasing the risk of different types of cancers.

- Content:

E- cigarettes contain 5 % nicotine and 95 % of propylene glycol or glycerol which are both FDA approved.

The traditional cigarettes have a high nicotine content coupled with tar and benzene.

- Odour:

Traditional cigarettes have a typical odour which causes nausea in the people sitting near by but E- cigarettes are odour free.

- Environmental hazards:

Due to the release of carbonmonoxide by the burning of tobacco, there is a threat to the global climate as increased concentrations of carbon monoxide lead to global warming.

- Cost effectiveness:

The traditional cigarettes seem to be cheaper as compared to the E- cigarettes but in the long run, ‘ecigs’ prove to be more economical.



- Satisfaction:

Both types of cigarettes provide the same level of satisfaction in the users.


Due to the decreased concentration of nicotine delivered by E- cigarettes, the addicts develop an ability to resist high doses which are delivered by the traditional cigarettes. This decrease in nicotine concentration helps them to gradually quit smoking because their body’s demand for nicotine reduces with time as it becomes accustomed to the low concentrations.

Even though E- cigarettes help the addicts quit, it also makes some non-smokers to start smoking thinking that the nicotine level is low. Sadly, this has increased the smoking levels worldwide which poses a threat to increased addiction in the yougsters.

The pros of E- cigarettes outweigh its cons and therefore it is considered to be a better choice than traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products.


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