E-Cigarettes-Useful or Not

What are E Cigarettes?

The Chinese were the first one to invent the e-cigarette. The e-cigarettes come in various shapes and sizes. Usually, they appear to look somewhat like long cigarettes, while the others tend to look like pipes or cigars.

The makers of e-cigarettes assume that it is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Even, the nicotine that is used is synthetic.

Features of E-Cigarettes

The e-cigarettes carry a battery, a heating element, and a cartilage within it. The cartilage usually holds the nicotine and the other liquids and flavorings as well.

Working of E-Cigarette

As the user will inhale through the mouth piece, the air flow will stimulate the sensor that turns on the heater- which is battery operated. This heater then vaporizes the stored liquid nicotine in the cartilage. However, the user can go for a nicotine-free cartilage as well. This heater also vaporizes the PEG stored in the cartilage. PEG is actually a substance which then produces an artificial smoke. This smoke makes a puff of hot gases, which give almost same feeling like that of tobacco smoke. This PEG vapor, that appears to be like smoke, then immediately dissipates.

Pros of E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are very beneficial for the regular smokers. As these chain smokers are prone to tobacco and nicotine, they find it very difficult to completely quit smoking. So, for such smokers, who cannot prevent themselves from the conventional cigarettes, e-cigarette is a far safer alternative for them.

E-Cigarettes not only provide their users a safer access to nicotine, rather it even reduces the daily cigarette use to some extent.

Cons of Cigarettes

Although the e-cigarettes don’t produce such harmful smoke, that fills the lungs. Still they are not very healthy to use.

The e-cigarettes still use nicotine, which is addictive. So, it can be used as a gateway for the nonsmokers and the kids as well, to use tobacco. Moreover, the nicotine that is used is absorbed through the user lungs, and is eventually added in their systems.

Nicotine has very harmful effects on human body, as once it was being used as an insecticide to kill the bugs. So, nicotine surely affects the users’ nervous system, brain and heart as well. It tends to increase the blood pressure and the heart rate. The more a person takes the dose of nicotine, the more heart rate of the person will increase. This may subsequently lead to arrhythmia, i.e. an abnormal heart rate. However, in some severe cases, arrhythmia can cause heart failure, and eventually death.

Is E-Cigarette Safe to Use?

E-Cigarettes are said to be far less harmful than the conventional cigarettes. The biggest threat from the tobacco is the harmful smoke, but the e-cigarettes do not produce such smoke, as they do not burn. Even some of the tests show that the harmful chemicals that are given off from the e-cigarettes are only a fraction of what the real tobacco smoke gives.

The popularity of e-cigarettes in increasing day-by-day, but the long term effects of this device are still unknown.





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