E cigarettes v/s tobacco cigarette

Researchers and scientists have revolutionized the smoking experience in many ways. Now users have a more durable and healthy alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Health Benefits:

The BMA concentrates on literature that supports the use of electronic cigarette.Ecigarettes according to the BMA may not be entirely healthy and free of side effects but there are people out there who do not prefer nicotine patches and gums for nicotine reduction and replacement therapy for them e cigarettes are the most suitable and wise solution. The Bolton University conducted a research analysis on the people who use e cigarette and tobacco cigarette and 31 percent out of 222 people claimed that they had better chances of quitting smoking by using e cigarettes rather than tobacco. The secret to help people quit smoking is that one has the privilege to lessen the amount of nicotine in an e cigarette day by day until the user can be entirely rid of nicotine cessation. Better benefits include that nicotine free cartridges are also available for users who enjoy smoking but are not necessarily nicotine addicts.


Once the e cigarette kit is bought the user, only has to pay for the cartridges in the e cigarette. One no longer has to pay for the cigarette. The cartridges vary from the company and e cigarettes kit come in all prices from expensive branded kits to low priced kits for average users.


Unlike many electrical appliances the e cigarettes, very long lasting its battery lasts very long and does not need any replacement for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the cartridges are long lasting and last up to 500 puffs per cartridge. Moreover, one also has the option of buying disposable electronic cigarettes an ordinary cigarette once lit has to be consumed otherwise the flames consume the cigarettes within seconds.

The e cigarette also comes with its disadvantages, the World Health Organization has prohibited the use of e cigarettes until any proper investigation, and statistics are gathered regarding the safety of its use. There is no clinical data provided by the companies regarding the safety of its use. The greatest problem is that companies do not have the pre cautions and safety concerns written on its packages, which makes the e cigarette hard to be consumed. Moreover, CHEST and organization founded for performing studies on respiratory health concluded through their research that e cigarette was not an entirely safe product to use. The research was conducted after a detailed analysis of the smoker who was given the e cigarettes for 5 minutes. Within five minutes, there was extreme oxidative stress on their lungs and their lungs showed a significant change. The researchers pointed out that these effects were shown after only a brief smoking session but the smokers who smoke every day would have increased effects on their lungs and are more vulnerable to diseases and respiratory problems caused through it. However, may people continue to use e cigarettes and gain advantage from it and with regulatory framework, they can be made safer.


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