E Cigarettes VS Traditional Cigarettes – What’s Better?

The debate on the ever-popular electronic cigarettes has been going on since quite a lot of years now and many smokers from different locations of the world can be seen to be switching to these after finally parting with the traditional cigarettes for good. The major reason behind the cause is said to be the fact that the traditional cigarettes are demanding for health and can have pretty drastic results in the long run. The e cigarettes stole the spotlight when they were first created back in 2001 and have come a long way since then.

Highly Budget Friendly

Most people tend to overlook health concerns; which is not really a good thing to do, since they are more concerned about their budgets. Not everyone can afford a lot of cigarettes on a daily basis as they can be pretty expensive, for that matter. Traditional cigarettes tend to cost twice more than the e cigarettes and do not last long as well. Not only does this make their life span short, but it also costs people truckloads of money in the process. The e cigarettes tend to last for many days, if they are re-fillable, which is what makes them a better alternative for sure. Moreover, the price difference between these cigarettes and the traditional cigarettes is quite noticeable.

Free of Chemicals & Nicotine

The traditional cigarettes are filled with many chemicals and harmful substances, out of which Nicotine is a chief one. The drug basically makes people addicted to smoking and also causes some pretty dreadful effects on the human body in the future. With every puff of traditional cigarettes, smokers inhale thousands of chemicals. The e cigarettes do not contain nicotine or any or the harmful chemicals that are present in the traditional cigarettes, for that matter; which is what makes them better and undoubtedly gives smokers a reason to try them out for good.

Approved in the Public

Smoking in public is one of the biggest issues which are faced by smokers from all across the globe. Basically, smoking traditional cigarettes in the public is prohibited worldwide since it causes passive smoking. This rule does not apply to the e cigarettes since they do not have any smoke. This is due to the fact that they are not lit. Therefore, these cigarettes can be easily smoked whenever smokers feel like or prefer in public without having to feel awkward or breaking the rules of the society these days.

Better Alternative to Quit Smoking

According to many new electronic cigarette users, the first couple of months without the real ones can be tough, but eventually people tend to get used to the whole process, making them quit smoking in the long run. The e cigarettes have been specifically highly recommended to all those smokers who want to move towards a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking as it can have damaging effects in the near future. Cheap, effective, reliable and safe, the electronic cigarettes tend to provide smokers all they need for the purpose of quitting traditional cigarettes smoking without having to struggle too much in the matter.


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