What exactly is an e cigar? They are basically electronic devices that give one the ability to smoke without the presence of the odor that is so offensive and still be able to have a complete full-bodied smoking experience. E cigars com in all kinds of styles and flavors, and may be with or without the presence of nicotine. The disposable e cigar is most probably the most popular one. But for a few more dollars, one also has the option of buying an e cigar that is rechargeable and which comes with a kit complete with refill cartridges though these are also sold separately. Below are described some of the most famous and hottest selling e cigars out there.

Electronic Cigar Kit (Re-Chargeable)

These have soft nozzles that make smoking easier and are presented nicely in a handsome box that is ready for gift giving. These kinds of electronic cigar kits have everything that a cigar smoker would ever want. The battery of these awesome devices lasts through both of the cartridges after which it would need to be recharged and each of the cartridges is good to go for up to nine hundred puffs. These e cigars are rechargeable, so more refill cartridges can be bought and they can so be used a number of times unlike their disposable counterparts. The flavors that are available in this type of e cigars are Cuba, Cohiba, Vanilla, Cherry, Mocha, Mint and many many more. Their nicotine levels range from 0mg to 24mg and they come with awesome offers like being able to get a wall adapter free when purchasing one of these kits. Each one of these kits comes with two soft tipped cartridges whose flavor one has got the ability to choose for themselves, a 1300mAh rechargeable battery and a USB charger wall adapter.

Single Disposable Electronic Cigars (non-rechargeable)

On average how many puffs does one get from a traditional tobacco cigar? Surely it isn’t even close to the thousand puffs that one would be able to from a soft tipped electronic cigar. A thousand puffs, yes that’s right a thousand! So that makes one e cigar to be the equivalent of at least twenty of the real tobacco cigars. And one should also not forget all the pleasing flavors and aromas as well as the full bodied vapor. All of these dissipate in a mist that is clean and leaves one with the absence of tar, the heavy cigar stink as well as the chemicals. Women absolutely love the fact that their man is smoking a cigar that leaves absolutely none of the horrible stink that traditional cigars do. Their tips even glow when one takes a puff and now one can easily enjoy a cigar indoors. These disposable and non rechargeable e cigars are loved by people who are no able to share the air with those around them. These are also available in two nicotine strengths which are 0mg and 24 mg. The flavors available in this kind are Mint, Cuba, Chocolate Crème, Cherry and Vanilla.



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