E-Cigars Can Help Quit Tobacco Smoking!


E-Cigar in an electronic device that is shaped almost like a normal cigar, but in reality it is different from the original ones. E-Cigar is becoming popular amongst many smokers, especially those who really desire to quit smoking. Chinese have invented this device to benefit especially these people, who intend to reduce the consumption of tobacco, by abandoning the usage of conventional Cigars.

E-Cigar is basically a non-flammable electronic device that works on the principle of super critical physical atomized technology and advanced microelectronic technology. The cartilage that is built within the E-Cigar contains a liquid that is composed of nicotine, a perfumed compound that is specially formulated for E-Cigars, and some normal food additives. However, it still gives a feeling similar to the one produced by an ordinary cigar.

The E-Cigars are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They are, in fact, designed for every type of user. A number of brands offer a variety of E-Cigars. However, there are three main categories of E-Cigars. These categories include: mini, mid-size or mod.

Mini sized E-Cigars are comparatively smaller in shape and are ideal for the ones who are moderate smokers. It is also the cheapest way, for the beginners or light smokers, to get started. However, it has a short battery life, so it requires regular charging. Moreover, it may also not satisfy heavy smokers.

Mid-Size E-Cigars are not too big in size. They have double vapor and battery life, when compared to mini. Its price is also moderate. However, it carries no automatic option and thus needs to be operated manually. Its size is also slightly larger than the conventional cigars, which is a major drawback. Moreover, its performance level is also not fully customized.

What is the benefit of using E-Cigar?

There are several benefits of adopting this modern smoking technique. Some of these benefits are described below:

  • E-Cigar does not carry any sort of health risk, because it is safe for both active and passive smokers.
  • By using an E-Cigar, one can substantially reduce the bad breath, coughing, and yellow nails, which are caused by consuming an original cigar.
  • Moreover, E-Cigar does not carry carcinogens, tar, or even tobacco. This prevents the consumer from having serious health issues including cancer, arteriosclerosis, and some other heart diseases.
  • This technical device, E-Cigar, do not produce smoke. Rather, it relies on producing vapors generated via heating e-liquid, by using an atomizer. This makes the device pollution free.

Choosing a good E-Cigar

If one intend to try an Eā€“Cigar for the very first time, or he is an experienced smoker, in both cases go for an expensive E-Cigar. The reason for preferring an expensive one is the fact that more higher the price of E-Cigar, better and more refined will be its components. So, these components will act as a strainer to filter out any harmful chemical. Moreover, it will also provide you a more luxurious vaping experience.


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