E Cigars – Cartridges with Astounding Flavors

The best way to get rid of the traditional cigars and the filthy odor and smoke produced by it is simply switching to the e cigars. Just like electronic cigarettes, these devices also come with a wide assortment of cartridges with amazing flavors. Most of these cartridges come for short term use. Some of them are designed to provide about 250 puffs while others are capable to endow up to 400 chuffs. Undermentioned are different flavors of cartridges which are available for electronic cigar devices.


It is one of the most frequently used flavors both for electronic cigars and cigarettes. The inebriating bouquet of vanilla has been enchanting the folks of just about all cultures and backgrounds for so many centuries. The vanilla flavor cartridges are available in so many other aromas or tastes of this same extract such as Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla which is enriched with velvety flavor and Tahitian Vanilla that features rich and awe-inspiring floral aroma. This is a sort of flavor which is expertly cured to perfect levels of moisture with merely a hint of scrumptious sweetness. The vanilla cartridges capture the pure essence and allure of one of the most beguiling flavors of nature.


Cherry is known as a temptingly punchy, potent, tangy and a very sweet addition to the line of flavors, which are especially contrived for top notch e cigars. Let the tantalizing aroma and flavors of cherry spark all of your senses and render a totally new experience of electronic cigarettes that has competence to take in you the new world of enticing vibes.


It is almost of no use to mention that tobacco is favorite flavor of those people who want to get the feeling of conventional cigars. It is highly recommended for those folks who recently switched the conventional cigars to electronic devices. The best thing about inhaling this kind of tobacco from electronic cigars is that they do not produce any kind of smoke which consequently steer clear of bad odor. At the end of the day, people can smoke these cigars even in public places while enjoying the true traditional flavor of tobacco. Furthermore, the tobacco flavor inhaled from such cartridges is less harmful as compared to the natural one.


Striking, refreshing, cool yet subdued, the menthol cartridges which are manufactured for e cigars bring the sub-zero and an aromatic surge of chilling tranquility. Generally, it is an enchanting fusion of natural crystals of menthol, spearmint and peppermint which are sure to please just about any person. The menthol flavored cartridges are particularly preferred to those people who spend most of their time in hot environments, since only a few puffs of it can give them placidity and serenity.

Pine Colada

As its name implies that this flavored cartridge for e cigars is made by mixing up tangs of coconuts and pineapples which is aimed to provide paramount echelon of refreshment with each and every puff. So, whether you are at home or getting a short break on your office desk, this luscious flavor will take you to a groovy tropical beach!


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